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New Universal Mount Streamlines Installation—Every Time

The Universal Mount Is An Answer To Any Installation Issue.

Protecting your facility—regardless of what industry it lies in—is crucial when it comes to maximizing your profits and ensuring that your business meets its short and long term goals.

Whether you need a barrier for your cold storage warehouse to help maintain the temperature to meet industry standards or you want a screen to better control the dust in your auto body shop, a challenge that you might have faced is how to find a workable solution that can be installed in your existing area.

A Universal Mount Takes the Worry out of Installation

When searching for the right industrial curtain barrier for your needs in the past, you needed to be sure that the product you chose would work well with the material that it is to be attached to.

This meant that if you found the perfect solution to your barrier issues but it could not be successfully attached to your wall or other surface, you were out of luck.

Today, though, you can enjoy the convenience and versatility of being able to find the right barrier solution without fear that it will not work with your current building configuration. A universal mount takes the guesswork out of the issue.

Designed Of A Steel Coil That Is Electronically Galvanized

Innovative Solution to an Age Old Problem

A universal mount features a connector that eliminates the worry of trying to work with a ceiling track splice, threaded rod, multiple wall or beam to chain hardware. Instead, this universal mount provides the necessary hardware to create a track mount on virtually any surface necessary.

Designed of a steel coil that is electronically galvanized, this mount is a made in the USA product.

For more than 100 years, Steel Guard Safety Corp. has been providing commercial businesses with the solutions they need to effectively separate their operations.

With a range of highly effective solutions that work for businesses in industries as varied as auto body to food preparation—and everything in between—Steel Guard Safety Corp. is dedicated to superior customer service and ensuring that each of their customers leaves with a satisfactory solution to their barrier challenge.

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