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Construction Sound Barriers: Why Every Construction Site Should Have These?

  Construction is a productive activity for businesses. But there’s no denying that it’s a noisy activity. Noise generated from jackhammers, bulldozers, cement mixers, ventilation systems, and generators can lead to lowered productivity, higher levels of stress, and hearing loss among construction workers. However, surrounding neighborhoods can equally be affected by construction noise – it […]

Industrial Blackout Curtains and Their Applications in Different Settings

Industrial Blackout Curtains uses in Commercial Settings Industrial blackout curtains are specifically designed to block both natural and artificial light in industrial settings. As the name suggests, the purpose of these curtains is to create a dark environment in a single workspace (or multiple workspaces) by keeping light from entering the surroundings. Industrial blackout curtains […]

Warehouse Cooling – 10 Ways to Upgrade Without AC

10 Ways to Upgrade your Warehouse Cooling Without New AC or Heat   1. Add High Speed Doors for Insulation in the Winter Months Upgrade your building with high speed screen doors that offer the flexibility of optional screening. Enjoy fresh, cool air during summertime while easily keeping the heat in during winter with our […]

Clear Vinyl Tarps: Where are the Useful Tarps Used

Clear Vinyl Tarps: How These Useful Tarps Can Help You the Most Tarps are a versatile, simple product that can be used in industrial and residential applications. While they come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and materials – like mesh tarps or insulated varieties – there’s something special about vinyl ones! Vinyl tarps have […]

Personal partitions and dividers – where and how they are being used

The global pandemic of COVID-19 came without any warning signs. It turned the world upside down, shattered the strongest of economies, and shook the entire population. Luckily, we humans are capable of adapting to the worst of situations. Personal partitions and clear dividers are one of these adaptations that will allow us to continue the […]

A guide to sneeze guards for Covid-19 prevention in businesses

The sudden outburst of an unknown virus definitely put the entire world off guard. Ever since the coronavirus has started spreading, global efforts are being made to find ways to tackle the threat. The list of precautionary measures is long, to be frank. Hand sanitizers, masks, disinfectants, social distancing, gloves, PPEs, and what not. Another […]

Industrial safety checklist in your facility All industrial facilities have to conduct a regular survey to keep an eye on any faulty equipment. These checks ensure that the work goes on smoothly without any hazardous risks. There are usually two ways to conduct a safety check. Either a professional from the relevant industry examines the entire place or this person […]

10 Benefits of Anti-Microbial Laminate Vinyl

Out of the 35 million U.S. residents admitted to hospitals every year (American Hospital Association), nearly two million will contract a viral or bacterial infection as a hospital patient (Centers for Disease Control). What’s more disturbing is that physicians are seeing an alarming rise in the number of hospital-based infections caused by bacteria called superbugs […]

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