Clear Plastic PVC Strip Curtains & Doors

PVC strip curtains from Steel Guard Safety offer energy savings as well as temperature barriers in industrial, commercial and food service industries. A highly versatile product line, vinyl PVC strip doors can be used to block noise, wind, dust, cold, odor, fumes, and even insects.

Most importantly, using these clear curtain walls will drastically drop your energy bills, and they are available in a variety of widths, thicknesses, and sizes to meet your facility’s individual requirements.

Because of the high quality material that we use in the construction of our pvc plastic strip doors, you will see the difference in the flexibility, clarity and lack of “curling” over time with heavy use. Take a look at our full line of strip curtain systems:

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Industrial PVC strip doors

Industrial Clear Plastic PVC Curtains

Installing clear pvc plastic curtains can save facilities money by costing less than permanent installations, and they take much less time to install, meaning less disruption of business operations.

Strip curtains hold up in harsh conditions, avoiding wear and tear through long periods of use. You can use them for a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Walk-in refrigerator and freezer doors
  • Warehouses
  • Loading dock doors
  • Crane ways
  • Refrigerated trucks
  • Fume containment and extraction
  • Trailer doors
  • Welding facilities

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Depending on the application, regular and low-temp USDA plastic strips are available for installation. With strip doors in place, nearly any type of facility will benefit from effective temperature containment and safety in hazardous environments.

Other types of plastic curtains are also available for temperature containment and industrial safety in many facilities. Many use them for protecting workers and equipment in areas where particulates, sparks and other hazards are present.

Using simple track systems, employees can move curtains in and out of the way depending on the need for them. The ability to simply move curtains in and out of the way allows facilities to combine different spaces into one larger area, and effectively convert them into multiple areas when the curtains are set in place.

Many configurations of plastic pvc strip curtains and others are available to meet a facility’s specific space requirements.

High Strength Materials

The reason that PVC is an ideal material for curtain wall systems is because of its combined damage resistance, and overall strength. It is easily cut and shaped to form strong strip doors that work for many different types of locations.

PVC is a material that effectively resists chemical corrosion, harsh weather, abrasion and electric shock. Its durability ensures that it will endure through extensive periods of use, and it will remain intact for many years under varying conditions.

Utilize Reliable Vinyl Strip Curtains & Doors

Steel Guard Safety’s clear industrial PVC strip door curtains offer the kind of strength many industries need in order to protect facilities from a variety of conditions. With this durable material, you will find a cost-effective partitioning solution that will last for years.

Our curtain walls are useful in warehouse separation, manufacturing plants, auto repair shops and many other applications.

Allow People and Equipment – but Not Cold Air – to Pass Quickly to Adjoining Rooms

Industrial PVC strip curtains are an economical solution to stop up to 30% energy loss resulting from a lack of heating or cooling containment. They are quick to install and ship out in 1-2 days. These industrial curtain walls are manufactured from the highest-grade PVC that is smooth, highly flexible and transparent.

The PVC material also prevents the problems of “curling” over time, which the accordion texture also prevents.

strip curtain doors

Stationary and accordion strip curtain doors are highly useful for a variety of purposes including:

  • Prevention of temperature loss between adjoining rooms or walls, whether indoors or outdoors
  • Dividing off work Space from dust, noise, heat, cold and drafts
  • Permitting quick access for people or machinery when a door is not feasible

Accordion Strip Curtains for Multiple Applications

Steel Guard’s accordion folding curtain walls are available with a universal mount to allow for attachment to door eaves or door fronts. They are also available in multiple colors, such as safety orange or weld strips for weld flash protection. Customize industrial curtain wall orders to best suit your application.

The multiple options we provide for strip door kits give you the ability to use them in many different areas including:

  • Forklift entries
  • Refrigeration & freezer doors
  • Refrigerated trucks
  • Dock doors
  • Crane ways
  • Fume extraction & containment

Custom PVC Strip Curtain Orders

You can order a variety of sizes of our PVC strip curtain kits online for use in several different areas or in multiple facilities. Need a custom industrial strip curtain size you can’t seem to find? Call 1-800-347-8368 or request a quote and we will connect you with a sales consultant to discuss your application and individual project requirements.

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