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Commercial Roll Up Vinyl Doors

Steel Guard Safety’s commercial roll up doors make for a low cost solution for room separation, dust control, temperature containment, and noise control while able to allow fork lift, cart, foot, or vehicle traffic in and out of the space. Steel Guard’s Vinyl Roll Up Doors are manufactured with highly durable coated vinyl and few motorized moving parts, keeping service and maintenance low. Roll Up Garage Door Screens (Mesh) are used specifically to keep air flow in while blocking bugs and birds from work areas. There are three types of roll up vinyl doors, Motorized, High Speed, and Manual. If you are needing a side to side seal and movement please see our Mesh Curtain Doors,  or Outdoor Industrial Curtains

Typical Applications Include:

  • Loading Docks
  • Conveyor Lines
  • Food Processing
  • Clean Rooms
  • Bird & Bug Control
  • Vehicle Car Wash Lines
  • Cooler & Freezer Areas

Vinyl Industrial Roll Up Doors

The Commercial Manual Roll-Up Vinyl Doors are an economical and energy efficient. Easily push the Spring Loaded Plastic Vinyl Door or Chain Hoist Plastic Vinyl Door up and down for movement. Sizes range up to 20’ x 20’. Both versions are manufactured to your custom length and width dimensions, colors, and with a variety of door mounts, and panel materials.

The Motorized Commercial Roll-Up Vinyl Doors are a fast, easy to install alternative with not a huge increase in price. Operation is easy, with just a push of the button, and installation on site with an electrician is simple. Sizes Range up to 20’ x 20’. Custom manufactured to fit your exact requirements. Based on the door size and cycles, there are two motor types, In-Tube or Jack-Shaft. Larger Sizes can be custom ordered, Many color options available.

The High Speed Roll up Doors are specifically designed for use in applications requiring high volume and fast moving fork lift, or vehicle traffic in a climate controlled environment. The quick action keeps the traffic moving freely and the temperature controlled inside. A Break Away design feature keeps the high speed door intact even with an accidental collision. All models range in speed from 55-80 inches per second .Options include custom length and width panel materials, roll types, colors, mounting options and more.

Mesh Industrial Roll Up Doors

The Manual Roll Up Garage Door Screens block birds, and pests while allowing air flow to your facility. Useful for energy savings by improving air flow in warmer months. The mesh doors are tough enough to protect against, bugs, rodents, birds, or even flying debris. Easily push the mesh bug doors up and down with a flick of the wrist. Two versions of manual bug doors are offered. The Chain Hoist or Spring Loaded versions. Both are available custom sizes and are up to 16’ x 16’ or 20’ x 20’ depending on the model, along with a variety of colors and mounting options.

TheMotorized Roll Up Garage Door Screens provide protection from flying insects, bugs, birds, or even animals in your industrial facility, or warehouse operation. A minimal cost increase over the manual roll up door, this door provides easy operation to move up or down with a simple button push. Fast operation, energy efficiency and ease of installation are the highlights. Custom sizes, as well as panel colors are available.


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