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Top Benefits of SteelGuard Barrier Curtains

The optimal solutions for safety barriers on the market today offer higher quality properties than ever before.

Meeting the challenge: to develop a top quality barrier product for multi-use in the manufacturing industry, passing the strictest codes for flame resistance which includes ASTM E-84, CFM, and NFPA-701, an exceptional engineering team developed some unique new barrier products. What does this mean to your business right now?

Benefits of Barrier Curtains

There are many beneficial uses for industrial barrier safety curtains in today’s manufacturing industries, like ensuring against cold crack resistance from -20ºF.

Industrial Curtains For Workspace Division

Other top benefits that dominate today’s industrial safety products market for protecting employees and your business environment include barriers that insulate specific industry work areas against heat up to 200º F.

Your company can benefit in other ways from using industrial curtain barriers with energy-savings quality with an R-value of 1.14 and higher.

Protection against harmful chemicals, mildew, and destructive UV rays are all advanced protection qualities available with advancements in the barrier curtain product line for critical manufacturing operations.

Barrier systems are affordable enough to save you thousands of dollars while providing an impressive ROI.

Putting your employee’s safety and environmental comfort in the forefront, yet having these security benefits using a superior product, and still saving money has to be a significant win in the minds of all forward thinking business owners and their management staff.

New Generation Vinyl Safety Products

Ic-1X-Industrial-Curtain-Premium-573X479There is a wide range of safety and containment barrier solutions that can meet your every industrial need. You might prefer custom design solutions, made to your specifications that will ensure you have the top-quality product that applies to your manufacturing standards.

Your clients will be confident of the quality of your no-compromise energy efficient, sustainable, and cost-efficient production solutions.

You can customize barrier curtain products to meet your industry’s specific needs from size, structure, double-lock stitched seams, reinforced webbing, heated welded interior seams, heat or cold resistance, and we have a selection of mounting options appropriate for any conditions and spatial requirements.

Wc-4-Welding-Curtain-ResizeEliminate the need for restructuring or renovations in your physical plant environments without compromising air quality, safety and environmental control, energy savings, or containment standards.

SteelGuard Safety provides a free energy savings calculator for you to see how our products fit into your business plan. SteelGuard is the future of barrier design and safety assurance for your work environments and product quality. Visit our website to find the answers to your SteelGuard Barrier Curtain questions.

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