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Plastic Roll Up Doors – Motorized

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Steel Guard Safety’s Motorized Roll up Doors Allow for a Cost Effective, Durable Alternative to Metal Roll Up Doors

Door Construction – The Motorized Vinyl Roll Up Doors standardly are manufactured with 22 oz vinyl coated nylon. However, a 40 mil Clear PVC Vinyl Window is an option. These Specialty Plastic Roll Up Doors include a standard break away bar in all sections to prevent door damage.

Track System – Built with an automatic reset system, so the guide tracks keeps friction from wearing on the door .

Fabric Roll Up Door – Benefits:

  • Keep Work Environments Contained for an Air Tight Seal.
  • Allow Quick Access between Stocking Warehouses with just a Push of a Button.
  • Increase Energy Savings by Containing Your Temperature Controlled Air.
  • Block Dust, Noise, and in Addition, Harmful Contaminants.
  • Improve Security at Your Dock Doors and Entrances.

Plastic Roll Up Door – Features:

  • Aluminum Guide Track Lets the Commercial Vinyl Roll Up Door Smoothly Roll up.
  • Modular Panels Allow for Easy Replacement to Change Panel Types, but can also Replace Damaged Panels.
  • Wind Bars are perpendicular Mounted, so you can Combat Winds and in the same vein Stop Negative Air Pressure.
  • Break Away Bars at the Bottom of Door allows a Release so the Track in either Direction Doesn’t get Damaged, Easily Letting the Door be Reinserted.

Areas of Use:

  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Carwashes
  • Pharmaceutical Facilities
  • Greenhouse Operations
  • Beverage and Bottling Facilities
  • General Manufacturing
  • Greenhouses

Additional Information:

Mounting Options:

        • Header Mount – For Mounting on the Face above a Door Wall, Keeping the Doorway Unobstructed.
        • Wall Mount – For Mounting on the Front of the Interior and in addition the Exterior Building Walls.
        • Stand Off Mount – To Mount in Front of Door but keeping the Existing Doorway Clear.

Motor Types:

        • In Tube Motorized – For Smaller Sizes up to 14’ x 14’
        • Jack Shaft Motorized – For Larger Sizes up to 20’ x 20’
        • Custom Sizes AvailableIf you need a quote over the phone firstly, contact one of our Roll Up Vinyl Door Specialists at 1-800-347-8368
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