Plastic Roll Up Doors – Motorized

Steel Guard Safety’s Motorized Roll up Doors Allow for a Cost Effective, Durable Alternative to Metal Roll Up Doors

Door Construction – Motorized Vinyl Roll Up Doors are manufactured with 22 oz vinyl coated nylon with and optional 40 mil Clear PVC Vinyl Window. The Motorized Plastic Roll Up Doors include standard break away bars to prevent damage.

Track System – The Aluminum Track System is built with an automatic reset system, along with extruded aluminum guide tracks to reduce friction on the door .

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                Fabric Roll Up Door – Benefits:

  • Separate Work Environments with an Air Tight Seal
  • Allow Quick Access between Warehouses with a Push of a Button
  • Increase Energy Savings by Containing Temperature Controlled Air
  • Block Dust, Noise, or Other Contaminants
  • Improve Security at Dock Doors and Entrances

Plastic Roll Up Door – Features:

  • Aluminum Guide Track Lets the Commercial Vinyl Roll Up Door Smoothly Roll up.
  • Modular Panels Allow for Easy Replacement for Damage or to Change Panel Styles.
  • Wind Bars are perpendicular Aluminum Bars to Combat Winds and Negative Air Pressure.
  • Break Away Bar at the Bottom of Door allows a Release from the Track in either Direction to Prevent Damage, Easily Reinserts.

Vinyl Roll Up Door with Clear Window

 Mounting Options:

  • Header Mount – For Mounting on the Face of a Doorway.
  • Wall Mount – For Mounting on the Front of Interior or Exterior of Building Walls.
  • Stand Off Mount – To Mount in Front and Clear an Existing Doorway.

Motor Types:

  • In Tube Motorized – For Sizes up to 14’ x 14’
  • Jack Shaft Motorized – For Sizes up to 20’ x 20’
  • Custom Sizes Available

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Areas of Use:

  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Carwashes
  • Pharmaceutical Facilities
  • Greenhouse Operations
  • Beverage and Bottling Facilities
  • General Manufacturing
  • Greenhouses

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U.S. manufactured, iron-clad protected. Discover the unrivaled performance of our steel-scrim vinyl.