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How Energy Shield or Regular Warehouse Dividers Save Energy

When businesses want to block off certain areas to regulate temperatures, or keep property and employees safe from working hazards, industrial safety curtain dividers can not only ensure safety and temperature control, but they can also subsequently save energy.

Warehouse Dividers Save Energy

Using Energy Shield Safety Curtains or Others to Reduce Energy Costs

Installing Energy Shield insulated curtains or other Steel Guard Safety curtain divider products offers many benefits. Cold storage locations can utilize industrial dividers to maintain a consistently cold temperature within the storage area, while also maintaining a constant temperature outside of it.

When there is no possibility of cold air leakage, businesses will benefit from reduced energy expenses. Cooling and heating equipment won’t have to work as hard to maintain controlled temperatures with airtight warehouse curtain dividers or doors installed.

Industrial curtain products can resist high temperatures up to 200º F, effectively keeping warm areas warm, and cold areas cold.

Energy Shield insulated curtains specifically use cost-efficient 3M Thinsulate thermal technology to maintain constant temperatures in nearly any environment. Other Steel Guard Safety warehouse divider products also use innovative technology in their fabrication for temperature control.

Another way industrial warehouse dividers can save energy is by remaining temporary in their installation, which differs from the lack of versatility in permanent wall construction.

When employees no longer require curtain dividers in an area, they can simply roll them out of the way using a track system, allowing for easy setup and removal. Business owners won’t require any renovations or restructuring in environments that can normally result in increased energy costs.

Temporary warehouse divider installations are adaptable to varying warehouse configurations.

How Industrial Warehouse Dividers Save Money in Other Ways

Apart from being energy efficient, Energy Shield insulated curtains and other dividers can save businesses money in a number of other ways. One of the main ways to save money with industrial curtain wall dividers is through installation.

Permanent wall construction is much more costly, requiring more resources and subsequently higher expenses. With temporary insulated curtain dividers, business owners can save thousands of dollars on installation while benefiting from improved ROI.

The fabric and hardware options in insulated curtain dividers are inexpensive compared to heavy-duty permanent constructions, without any compromise in security or safety.

Accordion Pvc Strip Curtains Can Be Used To Section Of Spaces To Increase Workflow And Provide Protection To Equipment.

Industrial warehouse dividers also save companies money by protecting facilities from contamination through chemicals, mildew and harmful ultraviolet rays that can damage equipment or products.

They are also capable of keeping employees safe from welding arc and other hazards in the workplace, meeting industrial flame resistance requirements.

If you would like to determine how a custom Energy Shield curtain divider or other industrial divider curtain product can reduce energy costs in your facility, Steel Guard Safety provides a free and easy-to-use energy savings calculator.

Simply provide all of the requested specifications, and our calculator will give you an accurate estimate for energy cost savings. You can also contact us at any time to request a quote for any of our products, and ask us about additional benefits or technical specifications.

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