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The Ultimate Guide – Setting Up Shop for Aluminum Repair

Ag 5 Auto Guard Body Shop CurtainAluminum Repair Area

Aluminum repair and steel metal repairs must be held in split bays. Cross contamination creates a whole amount that is big of problems. Worst of which is literally explosions or detonation in your shop. Starting our Right and preventing problems will keep your mind at ease and blood pressure level.

You do not need a specific area that is split building, primarily merely a location you are able to do repairs in. If the type of repairs is aluminum, you’ll need something like a curtain wall to separate where the finishing area is.

First Clean where metal contaminates could make the aluminum car or component unsafe to work on that are nearby the finishing station curtain wall . When done, clean the region of most aluminum contaminants, open the curtain and pull inside the vehicle that is be fixed next. The curtain area or wall surface that is split only required for those who have aluminum repairs. Additionally, you can fix any automobile in this specific area that is “Only for Aluminum” This are is fixed just for those type of vehicles.

Enclosed Work Area

This goes back to using a curtain wall or creating a drywall barrier that is completely contained. Fumes from dust and welding from working will generate a environment that is hazardous. Do not use Fans. This can make welding dust, slag and other contaminates from welding, grinding, and painting contaminate the area. Make sure all the gear satisfies OSHA demands. Items like a fume extractor, and a vacuum cleaner will come in very handy to keep the area clean and isolated.

Hand Tools & Equipment

Before I go through all of the nitty gritty. A truncated quick check list for aluminum repair items is right here on our site. This will be everything you have to have in the area. Again there are items that could be used like the fume extractor or vacuum that are always a plus. The tools and equipment should be clearly marked and saved individually from tools employed for steel cars to avoid cross contamination. This is the name of the game. No cross contamination. A lot of tools can range from $10 all the way up to a couple of thousand that you will need.

Gear for ARIS

With the initial Roll out of the Ford F-150 starting the aluminum repair craze, It is possible as a Dealer-Repair Center you may want or have to have “Ford Certified” Aluminum Repair decaling and signage around the repair station. Check with your Manufacturer for any other Certification Posting Requirements.

(SPR) Self Piercing Rivet Gun

There is a lot of dilemma and misinformation on this one? What is the right size, required? Can one for a weapon be also used in a car? The fact is, is that there are lots of SPR’s available on the market. In most circumstances it is advised to go with the Manufactures recommended brand, pressure setting, and rivet size.


Dent Fix Tools

These are going to be almost visually identical to their Steel Body Work counterparts, but intended just for the aluminum body. Pricing can vary widely just like Steel Body Dent Repair. Some Kits give some financial benefit by bundling every thing together.  A thermometer that is non-contact and a file gear sander is appropriate tools that should be included. Gloves in a kit are a must on site so a dent puller doesn’t end up with aluminum covered fingernails. Depending on the size of your shop and the expected amount of business may determine, if you “cheap out” and go with the most basic type of tools.

Welders, A Jack of All Trades

The most ideal for this are, drum roll … those welders that are idea for steel. They could also be good MIG brazing welders. The most economical way if you are just starting a new shop or in the market for a Steel Welder is get one that can do both of the jobs.  For example, there is a MIG Welder and GMAW welder that may MIG weld or TIG weld aluminum, MAG weld metal,  MIG weld or silicon bronze or MIG braze steel and Arc Weld. Problem Solved.

Most shops spend thousands of dollars on welders that are replacing changing needs and hardly last a season or two. The welders that are recommended are pulse/spray arc welders, which may be directly recommended or required by manufacturers. Its not necessary a brand or model that’s certain, but simply the proper capabilities of the welder.


It is best to go over recommendations with your current manufacturers on protocols. The Aluminum Repair guide we have presented is a great check list of everything you need along with recommendations from this article, however there could be niche needs from your auto manufacturer to complete your Aluminum Repair Station Set up.

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