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How Bollard Post Covers Help Prevent Property Damage

Bollard Post Covers

Bollard post covers can keep your property safe from damage, including damage to various types of equipment and vehicles. Equipment in many types of facilities is often vulnerable to damage around vehicles and heavy machinery.

Covers keep these assets protected by providing both physical and visual protection for existing bollard posts, absorbing physical damage while also alerting drivers and machine operators to potentially vulnerable property. Here we’ll go over some of the many ways you can protect your property with secured post covers.

Keep Property Safe from Vehicle Damage

Many types of bollard posts are already strong enough to handle most impact, but they can still experience damage and wear out over time. Bollard covers can protect them from vehicle damage by absorbing impact as well as harsh weather conditions such as ice and heavy rainfall.

This helps increase the overall longevity of bollard barriers, making sure they remain protected from various types of potential damage. Because bollards in your facility are more protected, valuable property will also benefit from additional protection.

You can use them in a wide variety of industrial facilities, including manufacturing plants, warehouses, cold storage facilities, airport hangars, and many more. Facility managers can customize them to meet the needs of their specific applications as well.

Visual Deterrence For Drivers To Notice And AvoidVisual Deterrence for Drivers

In addition to physical asset protection, bollard post covers on bollards and columns can provide visual deterrence in facilities. Bright yellow vinyl and other contrasting colors can alert drivers and encourage them to slow down in areas with valuable equipment.

With drivers more alert as they navigate your facility, the risk of low- and high-speed crashes will decrease, keeping your property safer. More alert drivers will also keep employees safer. Post covers can improve the overall appearance of your facility.

Protect Control Panels

Protect Control PanelsBollard posts most commonly utilize bollard post covers, but facilities can also use them over posts with control panels. Special covers include sections that can wrap around control panel boxes, keeping the exterior protected while also allowing easy access to the panel for employees.

When no longer in use, employees can cover and secure the panel with a transparent vinyl flap that protects it from damage. If a control panel is located outdoors, it may be exposed to rain and other elements that can destroy the external and internal components. The cover top can prevent equipment wear while the rest of the cover extending to the bottom of the post can absorb vehicle damage and deter drivers.


Steel Guard Bollard Post Covers

Utilizing post covers can enhance your facility in several ways, keeping your property protected at all times by further reinforcing existing security measures. Steel Guard Safety carries bollard covers along with many other types of protective vinyl covers and curtains, all of which are constructed with industrial-strength vinyl material.

They are easy to install and remove, making them simple to replace if they experience wear over time. Contact us at any time to learn more about our bollard covers or any other product we offer.

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