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Use Sound Shield Curtains to Reduce Noise in the Workplace

Loud-Music-Warning-CampaignWhen your job involves using loud machinery, such as chainsaws, compressors, or other equipment, it’s important to protect your employees from being exposed to the noise all the time.

While handing out earplugs can be a quick fix, it should be a temporary one as the muffled hearing can be unsafe if your employees have to deal with it all the time.

Instead, consider using sound shield curtains, which are designed to muffle the sound of machinery or other projects, but only within a certain space, effectively shielding other workers from the noise.

How Do Sound Shield Curtains Work?

Ncc-1-Noise-Curtain-1-573X430Sound shield curtains work by helping absorb loud noises. They are insulated curtains that have the ability to reduce certain frequencies of sound by up to 61 decibels. Considering the noise level of city traffic is around 85 decibels, this amount of sound muffling can offer a significant amount of relief to those who are exposed to loud workspaces.

These curtains are constructed of five layers—a bottom layer of quilted fiberglass is followed by a chemical-resistant, waterproof-coated vinyl. The third layer is soundproof, mass-loaded vinyl, and placed on top of that is another layer of quilted fiberglass.

Finishing the curtain off is a layer of coated vinyl. All of these curtains are sewn with a double lock stitch using rot-resistant nylon thread for optimal durability. For attaching panels to one another, two-inch Velcro attachments can be used.

Easy Installation

In addition to being very effective, these sound shield curtains are very easy to install. They can be manufactured in sizes up to 25-feet-high, and track mounted panels are typically 54-inches wide and can be attached to one another with Velcro.

They can also be fitted with PVC work-view windows for optimal efficiency.

Versatile Applications

Ncc-2A-Noise-Curtain-573X539These sound shield curtains can be used in a number of different spaces to help protect employees against hearing loss, loss of concentration, injuries, accidents and reduced productivity. For instance, they are great for heavy machinery enclosures and acting as sound proofing wall panels.

Additionally, they can be used to house compressors and blows to muffle the sound these machines produce. Many places use them to create in-plant noise control dividers, stamping press enclosures, and as noise reverberation control.

Because hearing loss and workplace safety are so important, these industrial curtain products come in handy in a variety of industries.

Not only can prolonged exposure to loud noises cause long-term hearing loss for you and your employees, but it can also cause workplaces to be unsafe, as communication between workers may be muddled and misunderstood. Help make your facility as safe as it can be with sound shield curtains.

For more information about sound shielding curtains and how you can use them in your workplace, contact Steel Guard Safety today. We’re happy to discuss the various options we offer for different locations and needs.

These curtains can be custom designed for your specific application, and we’re happy to work with you to make your job safer.


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