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Cold storage freezer and refrigeration vinyl strip curtains


Manage Your Products With Cold Storage Curtains

Cold Storage Freezer And Refrigeration Vinyl Strip Curtains

Whether in warehouses or outdoors, cold products need to stay cold while being easily accessible. Cold storage curtains provide a quick and inexpensive way to partition or enclose areas. To get the best use out of these dividers, consider the right and wrong ways to use them.

Proper use starts with understanding curtain material and design.

Cold storage curtains are excellent for providing separation between two locations. It allows for workplace versatility and control over temperature. They are necessary to many industries; most importantly, the food industry.

Insulated curtains allow you to save money on energy costs while arranging your storage and warehouse space to streamline activities.

Cold storage curtains also maintain atmospheric conditions, so external changes to temperature and humidity do not affect the inside. Loading zones are more easily managed, especially when large orders require a lot of back and forth traffic.
Maintain Atmospheric Conditions, With Cold Storage Curtains

Proper Curtain Use

Temperature-Controlled Rooms
Saving money on energy costs requires proper use and installation. Here are some common considerations when utilizing these products:

  • Curtains are most effective when mounted inside building entrances. Consider installing the industrial curtains on the interior of a temperature-controlled room, either inside your storage facility or foyer. These installations are mandatory when using a heated product, or when the curtain is being used as a temperature barrier in high-traffic areas, like stores or manufacturing facilities. There are exceptions, of course:
    • When used as insect control, air curtains can be mounted on either side of the doorway.
    • If freezer doors are mounted on the inside, fans can gather moisture and freeze. Outside installation becomes mandatory.
  • Cold storage curtains cannot be relied upon to fully insulate your space. This means you cannot remove doors or windows and hope for the best. Curtains typically operate at 80 percent efficiency, and a constant 20 percent loss will likely result in your cold air compressor burning out.
  • Installation takes up to two hours, and should be done when there is no traffic so the doors can be kept shut.
  • Fastenings need to be secured one to two inches above the doorway. Curtain length is extremely important. The closer the fastenings are to the top of the door’s trim, the less heat will escape.
  • If you have any obstacles in the doorway, fastenings can be purchased at varying lengths. The curtain needs to hang flat. For every half inch the curtain is hung away from the wall, it should be installed an additional inch above the door.
  • To maintain cold air efficiency, curtains can not be moved more than eight inches away from the wall. For distances of this length, a simple wall needs to be installed to prevent too much circulation. Eight-inch paneling does not need to be insulated. Plywood or other building materials may be used.
  • Buildings with high ceilings require top intake ventilation installed above the door. The difference between warm and cold air layers is more noticeable in big storage facilities. The intake will draw down the warm air to the floor, keeping the temperature distribution in your building even.

When companies run the numbers for installation, cost savings, and climate control of strip curtains, they find the solution to be cost effective and suitable for all of their entryway needs. Contact Steel Guard today for more information about this or for folding thermal curtain walls.


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