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Concrete Blankets

Concrete Blankets for Curing and Temperature Barriers

Our concrete blankets are manufactured for construction sites for keeping the curing process at the right temperature during cold weather and frost. These insulated curing blankets are easily transported and installed and maintain ACI compliance for cold-weather concreting. Steel Guard manufactures a variety of Insulated Curing Blankets with different R Values and thicknesses. We use high grade, tough materials such as woven polyethylene and Micro Foam insulation for extended longevity.

These insulated curing tarps can also be used as temporary curtain walls, insulated enclosure, ground cover tarp, or any type of temporary heat enclosure. Use these insulating thermal tarps to cover and protect against the cold weather and frost. They can be used as an insulating blanket, curtain, or as an insulating tarp or cover.

These concrete curing blankets, also referred to as insulated tarps, feature a poly black exterior to provide maximum temperature gain from the solar heat. Our concrete curing blankets are available in a range of different R values up to 7.8. Wet curing blankets also are available, depending upon your needs. Sizes range from 6′ x 20′ to as large as 12′ x 25′. A variety of options are available from imported concreted curing blankets to ones made right here in the USA.

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