Insulated Concrete Curing Blankets R-4.6 1/4”

Steel Guard Safety’s insulated winter enclosure tarps are made with reinforced cross weaved polyethylene. The Insulated tarps perimeter hems are double folded and double lock stitched using heavy duty and winter resistant nylon thread. The insulated tarps are reinforced with grommets spaced every 24” Inches.

Our insulated tarps are for your construction site as concrete curing blankets, temporary curtain walls, insulated enclosure, ground cover tarp, or as a temporary heat enclosure. Use these insulating thermal tarps to cover and protect against the cold weather and frost. They can be used as an insulating blanket or curtain, or as an insulating tarp or cover.

Concrete Curing Blanket 1/4" Thick with R Value of 4.6

Insulated Tarps – 1/4″ Thick

  • Skin Material: Reinforced Woven Polyethylene
  • Poly Thickness: 2.1 Mils
  • R-Value: 4.6
  • Insulation:  3/16″ Thick PE Foam Insulation
  • Sizes: 6’x25’, 8’x24’, 12’x20’, 12’x25’(finished sizes, slightly smaller)
  • Grommets: All Sides on Perimeter Every 24 inches
  • Finish: Weather, Mildew and UV Resistant
  • Flame Retardant:  Non-Flame Retardant
  • Color: Black or Orange
  • Imported Tarps

Concrete Blankets, Insulated Tarps Ship in 2-3 Business Days.

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