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Industrial safety checklist in your facility

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All industrial facilities have to conduct a regular survey to keep an eye on any faulty equipment. These checks ensure that the work goes on smoothly without any hazardous risks.

There are usually two ways to conduct a safety check. Either a professional from the relevant industry examines the entire place or this person sits down to discuss the issues with the client. Either way, this experience will be useless unless the observations and discussions cover every single necessary point.

Safety checklists are designed to do exactly that.

Why it’s important to follow the industry checklist

An industrial safety checklist is a list of necessary precautions that all industrial facilities should implement. This checklist serves as a reminder for the inspector to take a look at every important detail. This will put more confidence in the person doing the job that they’re not missing out on anything.

On top of that, a checklist helps keep the process organized. With detailed instructions along with every point, there’s little to no room for messing up. Safety procedures and tips allow the inspector to identify issues long before a problem arises.

From the client’s perspective, a checklist will serve as proof that their industrial facility has followed all the safety protocols.

The checklist

Want to ensure that all your employees stay away from workplace hazards? You’ll need to implement the following industrial safety checklist:

Protective gear

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Generally, most industrial equipment is operated by humans. These machines can produce harmful fumes and rays. Therefore, it’s vital to have protective equipment for all the workers in the facility. Gloves, eye protectors, face protectors, industrial suits, breathing masks, and respiratory equipment are some of the most important things to have around.

Other than the presence of this gear, all workers should also have the training to use all these protective equipment correctly and in the right situations.

Welding curtains

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All industrial areas comprise of various machines that perform numerous different processes. More often than not, these machines need to be kept at a safe distance from other machines to prevent any unwanted hazards.

The best way to divide these areas is with the help of industrial curtains. These curtains provide just as much protection as a brick and mortar wall within a fraction of the cost. Plus, they aren’t permanent so you can move them around as per your needs.

In case the facility under question performs welding, a welding curtain will do wonders. This strong barrier keeps everything outside the designated space safe from the sparks and fumes.

Caution indicators

An industrial area has people working in various different spaces. Not everyone is aware of the safety protocol of the entire facility. Also, outsiders could be visiting the place. Sometimes temporary processes may also be taking place. In all these situations, it’s extremely important to keep everyone around aware of the risks. You can use pre-made signs for generic situations such as a caution for a slippery floor, hot machinery, etc.

Certain scenarios may require you to make customized safety signs. You can either print the caution on a plain paper or use a label printer to get a sign printed on plastic.

Fire safety

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One of the biggest risks of fires is in places with machinery that uses high electrical voltage. A short circuit, faulty wiring, accidental connection, and so many more small reasons can lead to life-threatening situations.

In such cases, fire safety should be one of your top priorities. Fire extinguishers should also be kept at hand. All employees of the facility should be given a training session on how to deal with fire situations and other similar panic-driven scenarios. Fire alarms should be installed in all parts of the facility. Besides, you should make sure that these fire alarms are working properly.

On top of that, emergency contact numbers should be displayed in all parts of the vicinity. The employees should also be educated on which department to contact in which case. Usually, people panic in serious situations like fires and may get confused. This is why the display of contact information is necessary. The contacts to add in this list include the police department, paramedics, and fire brigade department.

Cleaning service

It’s almost impossible for industrial facilities to never create a mess. Whether it’s a result of spills or the particles that fly everywhere, a messy environment increases the risk of accidents. In a place where everyone is in a rush to complete their task, it’s of extreme importance to have a cleaning service.

Enough people should be present at the premises to maintain cleanliness 24/7. All sorts of cleaning supplies should be readily available to tackle any possible mess situation immediately.

Electric shutoff switch

As previously mentioned, electricity brings with it a number of hazardous risks. Therefore, the safety checklist must include an electric shutoff switch for emergencies. This switch allows you to turn off the electricity from the back end. In case there’s a fault in the wiring, turning off this switch will prevent the majority of the damage.

Similarly, if new machinery is being installed or an emergency situation has come forth where you need to cut off the electric supply, it can be done with this switch. Once again, the simple installment of this switch isn’t enough. Every employee and visitor of the facility should be well aware of how to use it, where it’s located, and when to turn it off.

Safe vents

The floors and ceilings of the facility might be getting cleaned regularly but what tends to be ignored in most cases are the vents and filters. The fumes from chemicals and machines settle down in filters and vents. Even though their effect and amount are small, it’s still unsafe.

All areas inside an industrial facility should be cleansed of hazardous fumes. Regular cleaning of vents and filters is equally as important as of the rest of the vicinity. Moreover, filters should be replaced after suggested time periods too so that they continue to cleanse the air inside the facility effectively.

The takeaway

Whether you go for a digitized checklist or one written on a paper, it will improve the quality of your inspection by a whole lot. As the owner of an industrial facility, you’ll be satisfied with the results and as an employee performing the check, you’ll be confident that you followed the suggested instructions.

You can create a customized checklist as per the needs of your job or facility too. The important thing is that you include and implement all the aforementioned factors.

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