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How Often Should I Replace my Welding Curtains?

Safety Curtains For Every Industrial Need At Steel Guard Safety Corp, we are committed to providing high-quality welding products designed to fit a wide variety of industrial safety needs. Our dedication to customer service means we always go above and beyond to ensure that our customers are equipped for every industrial need, whether through the […]

How to Contain Warehouse Welding Fumes with Welding Curtains

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How to Contain and Control Welding Fumes in a Warehouse In many welding applications, the process can produce harmful fumes that can cause potential health issues for employees or even damage equipment over time. Because of the hazard that fumes present in many welding processes, facilities should utilize state-of-the-art fume control equipment. Proper Ventilation The […]

Avoid Potential Optic Nerve Damage and Other Risks with Welding Curtain Products

One of the main benefits to using Steel Guard Safety welding curtain products is the preserved well-being of employees in the workplace. Using high-quality materials in their fabrication, welding curtain dividers such as weld cells, welding blankets, curtains and screens can keep welding areas blocked off from other areas, protecting vulnerable employees from eye damage […]

Protect Your Workers with Welding Equipment

If your business does any type of welding, you know how important it is to protect your workers from the dangers of the job. Not only does welding involve high heat, but it also involves bright lights from sparks as well as molten metal. For that reason, it’s important to implement proper protections so that […]

How Welding Screens Create a Safe Space

Welding Screens Can Maintain Facility Safety By Protecting Workers From Welding Arc And Flashes.

The welding process can be highly dangerous without appropriate protections in place. Facility owners need to create a system to protect those exposed to welding, as well as everyone in the building. The solution? Welding screens. Welding screens are commonly utilized to protect employees from welding sparks and flames. These screens are highly resistant to […]

What Are Welding Curtains Made Of?

Welding is a common application utilized by many industries. Although this is a widely used practice, it can be highly dangerous without the appropriate protections in place, as the process creates UV radiation, gases and fumes that are harmful. Facilities that house welding operations can take precautionary measures to ensure those in the building remain […]

5 Benefits of Welding Screens

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Welding areas can be unsafe environments without proper protections in place. To keep employees and those who frequent the facility where welding operations take place safe, facility owners may utilize welding curtains. Welding curtains can create customized spaces designated specifically for welding operations. They can also reduce noise levels throughout the building, contain high temperatures […]

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