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Anti Static Curtains

Anti Static Curtains - ClearDangerous Static Charge is Squelched – No Machinery Damage, and No Injuries, with Electro-Shield – the Zero-Static Charge Curtain with Grounding Wire.

Handle electro-static charge with one of the only anti-static curtains that has a specialized carbonized scrim and takes dangerous static charges to zero voltage. Anti static curtains eliminate concerns over expensive electronics, ruined machinery, or bodily harm to employees. Facilities can become much safer through the use of this Steel Guard Safety product. There are numerous aspects that make Electro-Shield zero-static charge curtains among the best options in protection against static electricity hazards.

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Heavy Duty Materials for Blocking Static Charges

Each Anti static curtain is made with fire resistant 14 Mil Electro-Shield anti-static PVC, making it perfect for oxygen-rich and dust-free environments. They have electronically welded hems with reinforced webbing to help avoid tears. Anti static curtains are also custom manufactured with electronically welded interior and exterior seams to further resist tearing. Accessories that come with these curtains include grounding wire with clips, #2 grommets, and Velcro attachments. Each component is easy to use. Curtains are also available as five side covers for specific applications requiring them.

Anti Static CurtainsUse Electro-Shield Zero-Static Charge Curtains in Various Locations

Several types of facilities can benefit from the installation of Electro-Shield curtains. You can use them in these applications:

  • Dangerous Electrical Machinery
  • Clean Room Environments
  • Data Center Rooms
  • Any Dust- or Static-Free Environment

ESD Curtains are available in six different colors and multiple size options to customize them, and opaque vinyl materials are available for applications requiring effective light blocking. Regardless of the environment, anti static curtains are designed to keep facilities free of static charge risks at all times when needed. They are also less expensive than the construction of other permanent structures used to block electric charges, and they take less time to setup. They don’t require professional installation, as employees can set them up within minutes to provide effective protection.

For more information about anti static curtains, contact one of our sales reps about your ESD safety requirements at your facility by calling 1-800-347-8368. You can also contact Steel Guard Safety online to request additional information about other products in our inventory, and receive a free quote for Electro-Shield curtains or other safety products.
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