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Accordion Curtains

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Accordion Curtains

Steel Guard Safety’s foldable accordion curtain divider solutions provide many types of facilities with versatile protection, keeping work areas safe for workers and equipment. Our accordion curtains will properly contain work areas. They provide top quality temporary protection when installed, with easy folding and storing when you no longer need them.

Like other industrial curtain wall systems at Steel Guard Safety, accordion fold curtains are constructed with some of the strongest and most durable materials for optimal workspace protection.


Accordion Curtain For Small Space

Space too small for a traditional industrial curtain wall? Accordion curtain walls are good protective products for more temporary protection in compact, high-traffic areas. If you are needing a curtain that folds up but is also a Strip Curtain, check our our Accordion Strip Curtains. Neatly fold your industrial or commercial accordion fold curtain out of the way when unneeded, using Steel Guard’s unique accordion bi-folding curtain systems. Steel Guard provides an electronically welded accordion curtain that folds neatly and compactly into small spaces for storage. These Bi-Folding Accordion Curtains can also be used in Commercial areas and be hidden away in tight spaces.

Accordion curtains slide in and out of the way on a roller track system for easy folding in and out. Not just for Clear Vision but also these Accordion Curtains can be made of opaque material for privacyThey are made of 40 mil PVC or 18 oz coated vinyl to ensure high-quality protection over long periods of use. All Accordion Curtains are NPFA-701 certified for Flame Retardancy for use in all type so facilities. Use them in a variety of areas including:

  • Welding & grinding areas
  • Space division or containment
  • Privacy areas
  • Anywhere space is a premium & separation is needed!

Get a Custom Accordion Fold Curtain System

You can request a quote online or call 1-800-347-8368 to be connected with a sale professional to discuss designing your custom accordion fold curtains or any other custom space dividing solution that we provide. At your request, we will also provide additional technical information regarding any of our industrial safety products.


Industrial Grade, Thick 40 mil PVC, flame resistant and available in Clear or Aztec Orange. Alternative materials include 14 oz and 18 oz FR Opaque Vinyls.


The Accordion Curtain Folds in 12″ sections to neatly fold, and slide in and out of the way. Compacts tightly when not in use.


Hems and accordion folds are electronically welded for a strong seamless fold.  NO sewn seams on curtain.

Brass Grommets used to hang industrial curtains securely on a rod.


#2 Brass Grommets are spaced every 12″ on center of the folds to hang the curtain on the roller hooks.

2 wheel roller hooks make sliding and folding warehouse curtains easy.


Make for easy sliding and folding of the curtain. 2-wheel steel roller hooks are available for large curtain systems.

A roller track system can be customized to your desired shape and length.


Heavy-Duty 16 gage roller track system which modularly connects track lenghts to your desired shape and length. (Dimension O.D. – H-1.25″ x W-1.44″) Available in Suspended Mounts – Threaded Rod or Beam to Chain, Ceiling, Floor Mount, and Beam Flange Mount. See Hardware Options Here.


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