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Barn Curtain Accessories

Roll Up Curtain Worm Drive Parts

The Basis of the Roll Up Mechanism. Add the Drive with all its Parts,, Track, and the rest of the Accessories to Create a Full Barn Curtain Kit.

Roll Up Curtain Track Pipe & Mounts

The Roll Up Curtain Wall Mounts Adhere to the Side of the Building and Hold the 3/4" Galvanized Steel Conduit Track Pipe for the Worm Drive.

Roll Bars

The Roll Bars Attach to the Worm Drive System through the Barn Curtain to Roll the Curtain Up and Down. Multiple Bars Connect Modularaly.

Barn Curtain Hand Crank

Hand Crank

The Hand Crank Attached to The Worm Drive System to Move the Curtain Up or Down with the Flick of the Wrist.

Rope - 3/16"

Poly Rope is the perfect for the Outdoors. Used to Drape through mounted Eye Bolts to Prevent the Curtain from Moving.

Eye Bolts

Used to Create a Wind Barrier for the Roll Up Curtain Mount Above and Below the Curtain to Drape Rope Through.
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