How to Create a Spray Paint Booth with Curtain Walls


Spray paint areas need a protective system to contain overspray and prevent outside contamination. Curtain walls provide the most advantageous solution. They can be customized to specific curtain wall layouts and isolate spray painting activity, all while still costing less than permanent wall fixtures.

Consult with our how-to guide of creating a spray paint booth with curtain walls and examine the benefits this spray paint booth provides.

Using Curtain Walls to Design a Spray Paint Booth

Curtain walls can be designed to fit a variety of spray paint booth layouts. If facilities already have existing walls, two spray paint booth curtain walls can be installed to create a sectioned-off area.

Because curtain walls are hung from the ceiling, they can also be installed without existing permanent walls to create a completely new area in the facility.


Benefits of Curtain Walls for Spray Paint Booths

Using curtain walls to create spray paint booths can provide multiple benefits, including:

  • Isolated Paint Overspray—Overspray often occurs during spray-painting, even for the most detailed painting jobs. If this paint overspray escapes its designated area, it could create an unsightly mess or, worse, cause harmful damage to other projects or even employees. Curtain walls can create an enclosure around spray painting activities to ensure overspray does not escape and disrupt other operations.
  • Reduced Cost Compared to Permanent Wall Fixtures—Brick-and-mortar walls or any other kind of permanent wall fixture can be very expensive. For these types of walls, facility owners will have to consider the cost of materials, as well as the cost of labor. Additionally, many permanent wall fixtures experience damages or cracks over time, so building owners will have to account for maintenance costs. Spray paint booth walls eliminate these problems. These often cost 1/10th the price of permanent curtain walls and can be installed with ease. These curtains are constructed from high-strength vinyl laminate and polyester, so they can last for years without needing to be replaced.
  • Contained Noises and Odors Produced During Spray Painting—Spray-paint fumes produce VOCs that can be a serious hazard to employees’ health. While painters may be wearing protective gear to safeguard themselves from these fumes, other employees in the shop may not and could then be at risk. Additionally, spray painting can be a noisy activity that interferes with other areas in an auto body shop. Shop owners can contain the fumes and noises produced by spray-painting through curtain wall system implementation.
  • Separated Work Areas for Enhanced Productivity—Like many functions that take place in an auto body shop, spray painting can be a highly distracting operation. If not contaminated the noise levels and fumes could disturb other employees doing their own work. To separate spray paint booths from other sections of the auto body shop and provide the needed level of productivity, owners can have spray paint booth curtain wall system.
  • Blocked Out Contaminants in Work Area—Spray painting must be isolated from other areas of a facility to reduce introducing contamination. If dust or other particles enter the spray painting area, they could get stuck in the paint, creating bumps and imperfections. Industrial curtain wall systems can keep outside impurities from compromising spray paint activities.

For more information on spray paint booth curtain walls, contact a Steel Guard Safety representative today.


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