Spray Paint Booth Curtains

Spray paint booth curtains contain paint overspray, contain paint odors and prevents outside contamination.Enclose Your Spray Booths with Steel Guard Safety Auto-Guard Paint Booth Curtains to Protect Staff and Equipment.

Spray booth dividers protect workers from paint over-spray and chemicals while cutting down on the cost of permanent wall installations.

Turn your auto body shop into a more productive space by enclosing your paint booth or spray area with Steel Guard’s Auto-Guard spray paint booth curtains. Our curtain walls are the simple cost effective alternative to permanent walls.

Paint Booth Curtains in Paint Prep Area in Spray Bake BoothCustom Made Per Application

  • Under coat bays
  • Detailing wash bays
  • Paint prep stations
  • Retractable and rolling paint booths
  • Prep stalls and booths
  • Estimating Bays
  • Grinding and sanding bays – particle containment

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Paint Booth CurtainsBenefits of Spray Paint Booth Curtains

Spray paint booth curtain dividers enclose your paint and vent areas as well as block hazards in your auto body shop. Other benefits include:

  • Costing as little as 10% of permanent brick and mortar projects such as drywall.
  • Improve air quality and conditions by protecting against water, dust, paint over-spray, and harmful chemicals.
  • Easily move the curtains with our track and roller system to free up floor space.
  • Streamline processes by separating work tasks, creating a clean, efficient paint production area.
  • Lifetime warranty on track hardware and 5 year warranty on heat welds and sewn seams.


 Top Quality Spray Paint Curtain Materials & Construction

Auto-Guard spray paint booth curtains are manufactured with our propriety Steel-Scrim® reinforced vinyl laminate in both top and bottom sections, and with our transparent 52″ work-view PVC Window in the center section. This material is the toughest PVC vinyl on the market with more than 406 pounds per square inch of tensile strength in its construction. The track and roller system easily slides in and out to open up more shop floor space, as well.

Steel Guard Safety offers custom spray booth curtain system designs based on your facility’s needs. To discuss your project with us, you can request a quote online or call 1-800-347-8368 to speak with a representative.

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U.S. manufactured, iron-clad protected. Discover the unrivaled performance of our steel-scrim vinyl.