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Heat Stress and Poultry: How Agriculture Curtains Improve Poultry Health


In addition to receiving nutritional feed and adequate water, chickens, turkeys and other poultry livestock require a fairly stable environment to consistently produce adequate amounts of meat and eggs.

Poultry barns that provide low stress, temperature-stable conditions contribute greatly to the healthy maturation of poultry.

Agricultural Barn Curtains

Temperature and humidity especially affect poultry because birds have high metabolism and respiratory rates. Poultry need to maintain a just-warm (70 degrees Fahrenheit) body temperature to experience ideal physiological functioning.

When overheated, poultry have difficulty maintaining homeostasis because they cannot sweat. Instead, all poultry pant, which creates a condition called blood respiratory alkalosis as blood pH increases and blood CO2 decreases.

Unless relieved, respiratory alkalosis in poultry reduces levels of bicarbonate and calcium in the blood, two substances essential for producing strong, healthy egg shells and sustaining egg production.

Young birds exhibit heat stress by not eating and consequently, not developing normally.

Poultry will begin to show signs of heat stress when ambient temperatures rise above 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, heat stress promotes a fear response in poultry that exacerbates the physiological issues already existing from overheating.

Stressed chickens may also start pecking and pulling out their feathers, attacking other chickens or become extremely lethargic unless they can recover their normal body temperature.


Steel Guard’s Agricultural Curtain Walls Keep Poultry Healthy and Cool

Agricultural curtain wall products are made with coated vinyl and Novathane coated materials that inhibit filtration of UV rays and help maintain stable temperatures in poultry barns.

With internal reinforcements and multiple layers providing long-lasting service, Steel Guard’s agricultural curtains are also highly resistant to tears and punctures related to poultry activity.

Other features of Steel Guard’s agricultural barn curtains intended to maintain excellent environmental conditions in poultry barns include:

The option to install a galvanized steel track on which curtains are attached to facilitate raising and lowering curtains as needed.

Curtains are double-lock stitched (exterior seams) and heat welded (interior seams) for strength and durability.

Customizable to address precise specification and size needs of any barn or coop.

Using agriculture curtains to maintain poultry-perfect temperatures also means you won’t need to run large, electric fans all day, which can potentially reduce your monthly energy bill by several hundred dollars. In addition, barn fans are noisy, especially older fans that often squeak and rumble.

Chickens and turkeys are known for their sensitivity to loud noises and may exhibit signs of heat stress as a result of constantly running fans.

Contact Steel Guard Safety today to request a quote by calling 1-800-347-8368. A customer service and sales representative will be happy to discuss your poultry and farming needs and answer any questions you have about our effective, high-caliber agriculture curtains.


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