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Welding Curtains

Welding Curtains & Retractable Weld Screens

Experience peace of mind with Steel Guard Safety welding curtains. Our full range of curtain materials provides reliable protection against harmful radiation, shielding passersby while you work. Whether you need to enclose robotic welding cells, welding workstations, partition maintenance areas, or isolate certain zones, our welding screens are the go-to choice for professionals. One of the Only American-Made Welding   Curtains on the market, Steel Guards offer exceptional durability and control over temperature and noise while containing sparks and preventing weld flash burn.

All Welding Barrier Products meet CFM and NFPA-701 Flame Retardancy and OSHA requirements for welding, brazing, and cutting. Available for direct order online, or contact us for custom solutions. Choose various options for Portable Welding Protection, or mounts including Floor Mount Weld Curtains, Beam, Threaded Rod, and More.

Welding Curtains can be custom designed to create more floor space in MIG, TIG , and Stick Welding Operations by creating Weld Cells. Steel Guard specializes in custom welding curtains for large production areas that need more than an off the shelf solution. Take a look at our wide variety of welding barrier options for use in any type of weld protection.

Replace your worn-out curtains with genuine American-Made Steel Guard replacement curtains. Our replacement curtains for screens feature grommets set on 12” centers on all sides. Trust Steel Guard Safety for top-quality replacement curtains that will enhance the longevity of your screen.

Steel Guard welding screens are your ultimate solution for protecting welders, tradespeople, and passersby from harmful sparks, spatter, and UV flash. Our Weld-Shiel frame system is made from 16 gauge American milled steel for the thickest and toughest in the industry. These modular curtains can be rearranged and moved with ease to accommodate any workspace requirements. Keep your welding environment safe and secure with Steel Guard

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