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Welding Curtains & Screens

Welding Curtains & Weld Screens

Welding curtains from Steel Guard Safety isolate areas while keeping workers protected from weld flash, burn, molten metal and sparks. Choose from a wide variety of Welding Partitions, Screens, Weld Strips, Curtains, and more. All Welding Barrier Products meet Flame Retardancy and OSHA requirements. Available for direct order online, or contact us for custom solutions.

Welding Curtains - Stock

Choose from Transparent Yellow, Orange, Blue, or Green Shade 8 Materials in Stock Sizes. Economic Choice for Stick Welding Applications. Custom Sizes Available.

Welding Partitions

Welding Partitions are the Premium Solution to Create Custom Weld Cells. Retractable on our Roller Track System for Quick Space Transition. Available in Custom Designs.

Welding Screens

Weld-Shield Welding Screens are the Heavy Duty US Made Screen for Portable Welding Protection Against Sparks, Spatter, Weld Flash. Stock and Custom Sizes Available.

Welding Booth Curtains

Enclose Welding Operators Inside Pre-made Cells. Welding Booth Curtains Slide on Our Roller Track System for Easy Entrance & Exit. Custom Sizes and Material Options Available.

Welding Strip Curtains

Made for Easy Access to Welding Rooms, or Create Free Standing Custom Welding Strip Cells. Includes PVC Strips & Hardware for a Complete Weld Strip System.

Retractable Welding Curtain Screens

Retractable Weld Curtains are Free Standing Curtains on Posts that can be retracted up to 20'. Can be Hand Pulled and are Portable. No Need for Mounting to Floors

Portable Welding Screens

Portable & Retractable to Move from Job Site to Job Site. Available in several colors for on-site Arc Welding.

Welding Curtain Rolls

DIY Welding Curtain Screen Option. Easily Cut to Size, and Hang your Weld Curtain System as desired. Available in Transparent Yellow, Orange, Blue or Dark Green Shade 8 Protection.

Canvas Welding Curtains

Canvas Made with a Flame Retardant Coating also known as Pyrosnuff. These Weld Curtains are excellent for Close Proximity Hot Slag and Heavy Sparks.
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