Portable Welding Screens

Stop Replacing Poorly Made Portable Welding Screens. Weld-Shield™ is made from 16 Gage Electronically Galvanized U.S. Steel –  A Screen Made to Last

Steel Guard Safety’s Weld-Shield™ welding screens have been designed to protect your employees exposed to welding hazards and provide a sturdier option that has not been available in the past. Our steel welding screens are made to avoid the dangers In MIG, TIG, plasma cutting, grinding and other specialty manufacturing areas. All Steel Guard Safety products are designed to keep workers and property safe from personal harm and damage.

WS Weld Shield

Welding Screen Features

Weld-Shield™ weld screens are specifically designed to avoid hazards and benefit your welding areas in these ways:

  • Holds up to extreme abuse – 16-gage electronically galvanized square tube frame prevents bending, breaking and the need for replacement
  • Protects workers against welding arc, weld flash, sparks, fumes, dust and flying debris
  • Utilizes single, 2-way, 3-way, 4-way or custom configurations to divide and create an efficient production area
  • 5 different Weld-View materials to choose from plus custom material options available
  • Designed to be OSHA safe and CFM & NFPA-701 certified flame resistant for welding areas
  • Custom made sizes available
  • Made in the U.S.A.

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Welding screens can maintain facility safety by protecting workers from welding arc and flashes.Custom Safety Curtains & Screens

Need a quick solution to your welding barrier problem? Just need a stock portable welding curtain or single roll to accommodate your facility? All of our Weld-Shield™ series of stock screens, curtains, and curtain rolls are made for quick shipment in 1-2 business days.

Order online for quick delivery and to request a quote before purchase, or call one of our inside sales representatives at 1-800-347-8368 to further discuss your project requirements.

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