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How Healthcare Curtains Keep You Safe


When it comes to health and sanitation, not just any old curtain will do for showers or to separate patients in a healthcare facility. Your company needs industrial grade fabrics that are proven effective in reducing the number of pathogens spread in an environment.

Spread of Germs

With the recent fears by the CDC that the flu vaccine will not cover particular 2014 flu strains, it’s more important than ever to protect your work environment with healthcare curtains that prevent the spread of pathogens.

The chain of infection in the workplace occurs by physical contact with bacteria laden materials and the airborne spread of germs via people and/or animals. Hospitals, in particular, are a source of antibiotic-resistant infections that are difficult to treat.

About 23,000 people die from antibiotic resistant infections annually. Preventing some of these infections may be as simple as installing healthcare grade fabric walls from Steel Guard.

Healthcare Curtain Features

You’ve likely seen the curtains that routinely cordon off areas in a hospital, prison or other facility. The curtains are sometimes known as privacy curtains in hospitals, but can also double as a safety mechanism, serving as the first barrier between germs and the outside world.

They are usually installed on runners to easily move back and forth. The heavy-duty, durable privacy curtain products that Steel Guard provides are manufactured in the U.S. and are available in a variety of fabric choices.


Choosing one of our products over the competition is an easy choice when considering our features, including:

  • Sewn hems that feature a double-lock stitch with heavy-duty nylon thread for durability and superior bacteria resistance.
  • Heat welded interior seams that resist the collection of bacteria within the fabric ridges.
  • Nickle or brass plated grommets that will stand up to rust over time.
  • Flame resistant material that meets NFPA-701 to keep your organization up to code.
  • Antimicrobial vinyl and linen customized options that repel germs, bacteria and mildew, keeping your environment safe for workers and patients.
  • Track systems built to last.
  • Customizable size and material specifications to ensure your facility receives the best quality solution for your needs.

Keeping your company clean and safe is easier with the installation of our industrial strip curtain solutions. Maintain privacy, safety and health with institutional curtain options. Create a unique layout that is beneficial for your workflow and allows you to make the space work for you.

Curtains that are not made of antimicrobial materials are likely to start holding contaminants within one week of use. While some infections cannot live for long outside of a living host, some bacteria can live on surfaces indefinitely and pose a considerable health risk to all who come into contact with them.

Keep it Clean

Even with a durable, antimicrobial curtain, cleaning the curtains should be part of the daily routines. Keeping the material clean further reduces the chance that contaminants will be spread while providing continual privacy support away from crowded areas.


Contact Steel Guard Safety today for more information about customizing an industrial vinyl curtain wall to fit your needs.


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