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Impact Resistant Doors


How Industrial Facilities Benefit from Impact Resistant Doors

Impact Resistant Doors

Many types of facilities experience heavy vehicle or foot traffic, with heavy equipment passing through on a regular basis. As a result, hot and cold air can easily escape from contained areas such as cold storage facilities, which can subsequently increase overall energy expenses.

Impact resistant doors can prevent this leakage, ensuring that doors close properly after people or equipment enter or exit. There are multiple benefits to installing impact doors in your facility.

Install Impact Resistant Doors in a Variety of Facilities

Customize Impact Doors Based On The Size And Temperature Of The Room

There are many types of industries that require heat or cold air containment. Both food and nonfood items, along with livestock, require specific temperature settings, and impact doors can help maintain them without large costs. Impact doors are designed for many different applications. Use them in several different facilities, including:

  • Grocery stores
  • Restaurants
  • Food processing plants
  • Poultry farms
  • Pharmacies
  • Hospitals and other medical facilities

In addition to reducing energy costs, impact resistant doors help prevent spoilage of food and other perishable items. Products that require consistently cold temperatures will benefit from avoided potential leakage, without the unnecessary expense of automatic doors. Impact doors are also ideal for maintaining the appropriate room temperature for poultry and other livestock.

Hospitals can also use them to help ensure that patients are comfortable with indoor temperatures.

Customize Impact Doors to Meet Space Requirements

Impact-Resistant-Doors-With-Many-ApplicationsDepending on the size and temperature specifications of your facility, industry experts can help you customize an impact door to meet your needs. There are different types of door hinges available based on temperature containment requirements.

These hinges allow for easy opening of doors while also maintaining an airtight seal when closed. Despite the lower cost of installing manual impact doors, there is no compromise in reliability. When the doors close, they create an airtight seal that doesn’t allow for any amount of air leakage.

With custom impact doors in place, you should see a dramatic drop in energy costs, and the doors themselves require minimal maintenance.

Steel Guard Heavy Duty Impact Doors

Unlike other impact resistant doors, Steel Guard Safety’s doors and industrial curtains come with different options to meet the requirements of various applications. We carry RD, FD and HD series hinges depending on temperature containment requirements.

Our V-cam hinges allow for easy opening and shutting completely without requiring any mechanical devices. We have solutions that can fit most types of facilities.
Along with impact doors, Steel Guard Safety has many other types of products to improve industrial facilities, including curtain walls, bollard and post covers, pallet covers, and more. Each of our products is constructed using the best materials in the industry, making sure they serve your business for many years.

Contact us at any time with detailed questions about any of the products in our inventory, and request a free quote.

We can help you get started with a custom configuration that best suits your facility.

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