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Insulating Warehouse Curtains | Thermal Curtain Walls

Insulated Curtain Walls with Custom Strip Door Inserts Allow Forklift Traffic through Temperature Controlled ZonesAdjustable Thermal Curtain Dividers that Fold Up and Save Energy – at a Fraction of Permanent Wall Costs.

Insulated divider curtain walls with new 3M Thinsulate Fold-A-Way thermal technology are the cost-effective way to divide temperature zones for many applications. Use them in freezer-to-freezer, cooler-to-cooler, freezer-to-ambient storage, food storage, and other work areas. They are easy to move and modify, and are able to open up and close to 1/3 the original size to allow large machinery or equipment to access your temperature controlled areas.

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Industrial Insulated Curtains Allow the Flexibility to Create Large Freezer to Freezer Temperature SeparationBenefits

  • “Slide” and “Collapse Out-of-the-Way” track and roller system for periods when curtains are not in use
  • Division of plant space for temperature zoned areas at 1/3 to 1/5 the cost of permanent wall construction
  • Creation of moveable, flexible walls to allow varying access restriction for conditioned environments, seasonal needs, or plant layout changes
  • Easy and quick installation, eliminating the need for building permits, contractors, or costly plant shutdowns
  • Modular design that allows for the addition of more panels and easy attachment with Velcro
  • Variable track options, including a universal mount that allows for easy installation at door fronts and eaves

These benefits and others can make folding insulated curtain walls an invaluable asset for your facility, keeping facilities at consistent temperature levels at all times.

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Folding Insulated Thermal Curtain Walls made with Crane Way Cutout to Separate Manufacturing Area.Common Applications of Folding Thermal Curtains

Folding industrial thermal curtains are used commonly to temporarily divide space and maintain heat or cold zones in:

  • Refrigerated & freezer areas
  • Warehouse separation with temperature controlled space
  • Loading dock areas
  • Containment for storage and work space
  • Food & beverage industry including food processing lines
  • 3 PLS (Third Party Logistics)
  • Data centers
  • Airports
  • Garage dividers/separation & insulation

If there’s an insulated curtain panel size you need that you can’t find on our website, custom sizes are available to meet individual project needs. We also provide two different vinyl layer options to provide varying levels of protection depending on the application. We make it easy to customize industrial folding curtain walls to nearly any specifications that clients provide, developing the perfect solution for the specific needs of your application.

Custom Curtain For Any Application

Our sales staff is available Monday through Friday to answer all of your questions about custom designed Energy-Shield Fold-A-Way curtain walls. You can also learn about our stationary curtain wall systems and other types of curtain wall products that we offer. Call 1-800-347-8368 to talk to us today, or use our online request a quote system and a sales professional will be able to reach you within 24 hours.
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