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Industrial Vinyl Roll Up Doors – Manual

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Steel Guard Safety’s Manual Vinyl Roll Up Doors, Control Temperature and Allow Egress with the Flick of the Wrist.

 Door Construction – Manual Vinyl Roll Up Doors are manufactured with a Heavy Duty 22 oz Coated Vinyl and Industrial Roll Up Doors are also available with an optional 40 mil Clear PVC Window. The Commercial Vinyl Roll Up Door also includes a standard break away bars in each section to prevent damage.

Track System – The  Manual Vinyl Roll up Doors Aluminum Track System is made with modular panels that extend along with extruded aluminum guide tracks to reduce wear when the door rolls up and down.

Manual Vinyl Roll Up Door – Benefits:

  • Separate Work Environments while Controlling Temperature.
  • Reduces Heat From the Sun in Work Areas
  • Increases security, deters Theft, Trespassing, & Vandalism
  • Allow Quick Access between Work Areas at the Flick of the Wrist
  • Meets AIB Standards for Food Manufacturing Facilities During an Inspections.
  • Exchangeable Panels Allows Use for Air Flow (Mesh) in the Summer Months

 Manual Vinyl Roller Door – Features:

  • Aluminum Guide Track Lets the Commercial Roll Up Door Smoothly Move Up & Down.
  • Modular Panels Allow for Easy Replacement for Damage or to Change Panels to a Solid Vinyl Roll-Up Door
  • Wind Bars are perpendicular Aluminum Bars to Stop Winds and Negative Air Pressure.
  • Break Away Bars at the Bottom of Door allows a Release from the Track in either Direction to Prevent Commercial Roll Up Door Damage, Easily Reinserts in Track.

Application Include:

  • Loading Docks
  • Manufacturing Areas
  • Fork Lift Truck Traffic
  • Garages
  • Interior & Exterior DoorWays
  • Food Processing Facilities
  • Waste Areas
  • Plant Overhead Doors

Additional Information:

Mounting Options:

        • Header Mount – For Mounting on the Face of you Doorway.
        • Wall Mount – For Mounting on the Front of an Interior or Exterior Building Wall.
        • Stand Off Mount – To Mount in Front of and Clear Your Existing Doorway.

Roller Types:

        • Spring Loaded– (Light to Medium Use)
        • Chain Hoist – (Heavier Use)
        • Installation:

All Steel Guard Safety’s Quick Roll Up Doors come as a complete kit, custom manufactured by size, color, material and roller style. Other options like over head hoods and Valance Panels are also available as an add on to meet your specifications. Steel Guards Manual Vinyl Roller Doors  are available to install just with your Maintenance or On Staff Employees. In Tube or Jack Shaft Motors for our commercial bug screen doors are designed to last for years of trouble free use. Header, face or wall mount versions come with everything you need to install them besides common tools.

If you need a quote over the phone please contact one of our Roll Up Bird Door  & Roll Up Bug Door Specialists at 1-800-347-8368


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