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Warehouse & Cold Storage Curtains

ES - 8 Energy Shield Fold-A-Way

Control temperature, stop clutter, and quarantine off dangerous areas from contaminants with Steel Guard’s warehouse and cold storage plastic curtain walls.

Warehouse curtain dividers are an inexpensive solution to control temperatures in plants or refrigeration-freezer areas, while products like Flo-Tex mesh curtain walls help your plant create more air flow and stop bugs and pests. All products have the option to customize to your desired size, width and accessories.

Maintain Cold Temperatures

It’s important for refrigerated areas to be consistently chilled, preventing food spoilage or other issues with products. Steel Guard’s cold storage curtains prevent cold air from escaping and warmer external air from entering a facility. If two or more spaces within the same building require different temperatures, our curtain wall dividers can facilitate your temperature control requirements.

Keep Contaminants Out

Steel Guard’s warehouse plastic curtains are ideal for applications requiring quarantined areas. The strong materials that make up our warehouse curtain dividers prevent contamination from a variety of chemicals and other substances, including fumes, dust and overspray in paint booths. Both large and small areas can contain custom-sized curtain walls, with multiple sections quarantined within a single warehouse.

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Whether for cold storage or warehouse quarantining applications, our curtain dividers are customizable to meet your individual spacing requirements. Choose from a variety of materials and hardware options to best suit your application. Steel Guard Safety can also help you design the perfect cold storage curtain divider system every step of the way to ensure you get the product that truly benefits your facility. We provide some of the toughest fabrics and mounts to give you long-lasting and industrial-strength curtain wall systems.

Insulated Warehouse Curtains Warehouse Curtain Dividers

Insulated curtain walls maintain the temperatures inside buildings, such as cooling areas, warehouses and loading docks.Warehouse Curtain Dividers

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