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Industrial Curtains: How These Curtains Will Save Space in the Covid Era Workplaces have been hit hard by the lockdowns everywhere, especially since most of them are indoor spaces. The same goes for restaurants, as their business depends on people going out of their homes and socializing. While many businesses are trying to follow the recommended guidelines for staving off Covid-19 as much as possible, the social […]

How to Install Warehouse Curtains & Industrial Curtain Walls & Choose The Right Set Up

Warehouse curtains are a welcome addition to facilities for a multitude of reasons. They pose as barriers that you can move in section of your warehouse to shield dust, chemicals, heat, cold, and other airy irregularities so that the majority of your staff and inventory remains unaffected. When warehouses regularly use these curtains, they enjoy […]

Installing Aircraft Hangar Curtains

Installing Aircraft Hangar Curtains Steel Guard Safety

  Along with many other types of locations, industrial curtain walls are ideal for use in aircraft hangars. Vinyl curtains can protect aircraft from high or low temperatures and weather elements, maintaining a constant temperature within the facility at all times while aircraft is parked. They are also less expensive and more versatile than permanent […]

8 Ways to Use Barn Curtains for Agriculture

Shield curtains can be used with agriculture in a variety of ways while keeping costs down and flexibility high. Buildings, pens and barriers are raised in an effort to divide or shield, but these are often expensive, time-consuming and are not easy to tear down and set up in other parts of the farm. Shield […]

Blackout Curtain Solutions for Business

X Ray Equipment Requires Darkness To Function

A blackout curtain is a great solution to block sunlight and interior lighting from sensitive work areas. The blackout curtains provided by Steel Guard have uses in multiple industries, including laser labs, school labs, prisons, medical clinics, photography dark rooms, sleep study labs, and airport security. Blackout industrial curtains keep dust and light out of […]

Why Industrial Curtains are Ideal for Body Shops

Body shops are busy areas that perform multiple operations on a daily basis, including welding, oil changes, repairs, painting and more. To create appropriate sections for these functions, owners can use industrial curtain walls. Industrial curtain walls can provide temporary sectioning for various prepping, painting and servicing areas. They can also be more ideal than […]

How to Create Sections in Your Warehouse with Divider Curtains

Create Sections Warehouse Divider Curtains

Warehouses often contain multiple operations, such as production lines, packaging, storage and more. However, these areas need to have some kind of dividing measure in place, as they each may require specific requirements for temperatures, noise levels and more. To keep the facility functioning as needed, owners can have warehouse divider curtains installed for specific […]

4 Facility Types that Use Industrial Curtain Walls

Curtain Walls Used In Facilities Like Warehouses Divide Sections, Maintain Temperatures And More.

Most facilities need to create sections for specific applications, especially in larger facilities that house a variety of operations. Permanent wall fixtures may also not be well suited for some spaces. Industrial curtain walls, however, can be implemented in almost any building to provide multiple benefits. Curtain walls are often utilized to divide space, regulate […]

What Are the Advantages of Warehouse Divider Curtains?

Advantages - Warehouse Divider Curtains

Warehouses face challenges every day. Workers are constantly operating equipment, people are coming in and out of areas, and dirt and debris inevitably enters the building. To resolve all of the issues associated with warehouses, building owners can have high-quality warehouse curtain dividers installed throughout the facility. Whether your warehouse is designated for food, automobiles, […]

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