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Protect Your Agricultural Investments with Curtain Wall Panels

Let’s face it—running an agricultural business isn’t cheap. Livestock require care and attention. You’ve invested in facilities, feed and your animals. Just like any business, you want to protect your investment and improve your ROI.

Agricultural curtains, panels and tarps can help you protect your facilities and your livestock.

Benefits of Agricultural Curtains

Livestock depend on you for their care. This means protecting them from the elements. Just as important as keeping them warm, you need to keep them cool. Curtain panels and tarps can help you reduce heat and cold as well control methane gas emissions.

Regardless of the climate conditions, Steel Guard curtains protect your animals from snow, sleet, ice or even heat and humidity. Providing a temperature-controlled climate reduces your losses due to temperature related issues.


You can install industrial curtain panels in dairy farms, poultry and cattle operations as well as greenhouses or hog farms. Curtains can ordered to your exact specifications, ensuring that your facilities are ideally protected from damage and the elements.

With dozens of choices in material, hardware and cranks, you have the freedom and flexibility in install agricultural curtains in a manner best suited to your operation and environment. Hand cranks or gearbox cranks ease operations of the panels.

PVC and vinyl curtains and dividers are manufactured to meet industry standards.


Agri-Shield curtains are a cost effective way to increase your ROI. After all, you didn’t invest in livestock and facilities only to have them damaged by heat, cold or pests. Unlike other curtains, Agri-Shield curtains are made of durable materials.

Our construction methods ensure easy operations and roll up. Seams are electronically welded and brass grommets reduce tearing and fraying.

Extra features include: wind pipe stabilizer panels, aluminum roll bars, worm drive gearboxes and hand cranks. What does this mean to you? It means that you can rest assured that your Agri-Shield curtains will provide durability and easy operations for years to come.

Our 18-ounce coated vinyl is best used in conditions up to -40F.

For more information on how Agri-Shield agricultural curtains can protect your livestock, contact a Steel Guard representative today. Our efficient team can assist you with product specifications, pricing, installation and design options.

You owe it to your animals to provide the best possible care and using curtain panels ensures that you do. Cost effective and functional, these curtains keep your animals safe while protecting your investment.

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