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Where to Get Curtain Walls Customized with Company Logos

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Where to Get Custom Curtain Walls with a Company Logo

One of the best ways to advertise your brand in the workplace for several industries is to use curtain wall systems that include your company logo. We can fully customize your industrial curtain walls to become an effective means to promote your brand while also providing additional safety for both equipment and employees in workspaces.

Steel Guard Safety can apply colored custom logos to nearly any type of curtain wall system we offer. Here are some applications for the use of customized curtain walls with company logos.

Customized Auto Body Curtain Walls with Custom Logos

If you need protective curtain wall systems for work cells in a commercial garage, you can also use these spaces to further promote your auto body shop with automotive divider curtains that include your company logo. All of our garage divider curtains are constructed using the strongest materials available to meet industry standards, protecting staff and vehicles.

Whether you need curtains for a body shop, paint booth, or wash bay, we can provide you with a completely customized system that includes your company’s logo.

Warehouse and Cold Storage Curtains

Another type of curtain that we can customize with company logos is a warehouse or cold storage curtain. There are many types of warehouse curtains that you might want customized to increase brand awareness, including insulated folding curtains, stationary curtains, pallet covers, garage door curtains, warehouse dividers, loading dock curtains, and outdoor curtains.

Cold storage areas also need effective temperature control, and you can use customized curtains to keep chiller areas cool and prevent warm air from entering the facility.

Each of these products can give your facility the protection it needs while promoting your company.

The Best Construction Materials Available

In addition to providing top-quality logos for your industrial curtain wall products, you’ll also get systems that use some of the best materials in the industry to give you sufficient protection for many years.

We carry several different fabric options to meet your needs, including opaque vinyl, transparent PVC, high-temp materials, noise control materials, and specialty materials. Depending on your specific application, we have custom curtain walls that can give your facility everything it needs to keep staff and equipment safe and more.

Consult with Steel Guard Safety for a Complete Curtain Wall System

At Steel Guard Safety, you’ll find many different types of curtain wall systems for a wide range of applications. You can get a custom company logo for any of these to expand your branding efforts, and use them in many different locations. We construct each of our industrial curtain walls with only the best materials in the industry to help ensure maximum protection against a variety of environmental hazards. They are also designed to last for many years with minimal wear.

To get started on the design and installation of customized industrial curtain walls for your warehouse or other location, contact Steel Guard Safety today.

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