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Poly Tarps

Heavy Duty Poly Tarps | Reinforced Polyethylene Tarps

Steel Guard Safety’s Covers for Cancer manufactures and stocks an immense selection of Premium Grade Poly Tarps for sale that resist tears, mildews, water, chemicals, and cold down to -40 degrees in low-temperature conditions.

Our Polyethylene Tarps also feature reinforced hems, and industrial, heavy duty grommets on the perimeter of the Poly Tarps for strength, as well as heat welded interior seams to give you a Poly Tarp that is completely waterproof.

Covers For Cancer

Super Heavy Duty Poly Tarps

Covers for Cancer also provides Super Heavy Duty Poly Tarps for applications beyond the norm. These polyethylene tarps complement our entire line of Premium Heavy Duty Poly Tarps that are manufactured and imported from the best sources. Steel Guard’s line features high density polyethylene materials quality materials that result in a greater strength. Our line of Heavy Duty Poly Tarps that are heat resistant to 180 degrees and are puncture and tear resistant, both with or without fire-resistance ratings.

Some variations of our Super Heavy Duty Poly Tarps include lines of Heavy Duty Poly Tarps in the Oil and Gas Industry for Offshore Rigs, Sandblasting Tarpaulins, Heavy Duty Poly Tarps for Truck and Salvage Coverage, Waste & Dumpster Heavy Duty Poly Tarps, Construction and Heavy Duty Airbag Containment Poly Tarps, and even Extreme Heavy Duty Poly Tarps for Arctic Level Cold Weather.

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Poly Tarp Sizes & Colors

Steel Guard’s complete line of Poly Tarps include sizes from 5 x 5 to 20 x 100, to even custom sizes of poly tarps. Poly Tarps specific formula make the ultraviolet rays reflective properties excellent for Roof Tarps or Trucking Tarps.

Color variations include White Poly Tarps, Green Heavy Duty Poly Tarps, Blue Poly Tarps, Brown and Green Poly Tarps, Blue Poly Tarps, Silver Super Heavy Duty Poly Tarps, and unique colors like camouflage poly tarps and desert camo poly tarps. For commercial use these polyethylene materials are well suited for Ice Skating Rinks, Sand Blasting on Construction Sites where the common types are White Poly Tarps and Silver Poly Tarps.  Other available colors for general purpose are blue, yellow, and red.

Poly Tarp Materials

Steel Guard’s Covers for Cancer include Poly Materials that include Fire Resistant Poly Tarps, Intrinsically Water Resistant Poly Tarps, Medium Duty Poly Tarps as well as heavy duty polyethylene materials that have tensile strengths over 300 lbs per square inch. The reinforced Poly Tarp scrim is a “Do All” for covering industrial equipment outdoors. For custom poly materials and applications please contact our sales staff. If you need custom manufactured Poly Tarpaulins for Industrial or Commercial use our facility can cater to your needs.

Your Purchase Helps Orphan Cancer Research

Steel Guard’s Covers for Cancer donates 7% of ALL Tarps and Covers including Poly Tarps & Poly Cover Sales to the University Of Chicago Cancer Research Center for Research on Orphan Cancers.

Types of Poly Tarps

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