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5 Benefits of Steel Scrim Vinyl

Steel Scrim Vinyl Is A Custom-Made Vinyl

Steel Scrim Vinyl is a custom-made vinyl made specifically for Steel Guard Safety. The product is incredibly durable and heat resistant to provide the best material on the market for your industrial curtain needs.

Did you know that vinyl is one of the most versatile plastic substances? Initially developed in the 1920s, vinyl applications in industrial settings have become a staple for maintaining environments in an easy to clean, transparent or opaque, durable and cost-effective way.

Steel Guard Safety wanted to take traditional vinyl applications one step further, so we developed Steel Scrim Vinyl.

Tri-Lateral Scrim Serves As The Durable Center In The Layered Pvc Materials

The difference between regular vinyl and steel scrim is the tri-lateral scrim that serves as the durable center in the layered PVC materials. Changing the construction of that inner layer to include a more durable construction element makes the difference when it comes to curtain longevity and strength.

Steel Scrim Vinyl is the highest quality and meets the highest standards for performance both in test settings and in the marketplace today.

Here are some of the benefits of our proprietary material over competitor/traditional vinyl:

  1. Tri-Lateral Scrim That Is 84 Percent Stronger Than Two-Way ScrimThe proprietary design features tri-lateral scrim that is 84 percent stronger than two-way scrim; the standard on the market today. The final product has a tensile strength of over 406 pounds per square inch.
  1. Cost effective. Traditional high strength vinyl products in the industrial curtain market today are very expensive. Our product meets high standards while saving you thousands of dollars in energy savings so you can recoup your investment. Other high-strength vinyl products are more expensive than our solution, and may not give you the same rate of return in energy savings.To determine how much you will save by investing in Steel Scrim Vinyl, check out our easy to use energy savings calculator.
  1. It’s highly protective. The vinyl meets rigorous regulation standards for fire codes and is heat protective up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. The product has cold crack resistance to -20 degrees and is protective against chemicals, UV exposure and mold/mildew. You’ll also enjoy protection from costly fines if your current protective curtains are not up to OSHA standards.
  1. It’s backed by a 5-year guarantee. Testing the quality of a product for yourself is the only way to know for sure it will meet and exceed your expectations for a quality industrial curtain. By providing a 5-year guarantee on construction, we insure your investment is protected.
  1. It’s versatile. There are numerous applications that will benefit from the Steel Scrim Vinyl design, including:
  • High heat welding applications
  • Custom protection designs
  • Worker protection from manufacturing processes
  • Separating spaces for work processes
  • Decreasing noise pollution in the workplace

Steel Scrim Vinyl Curtains

If you’re looking for a vinyl product investment that has the ability to protect and serve your company for years to come, you won’t find a better quality screen, curtain and cover material on the market.

It’s one of the world’s strongest, and it was developed with your needs in mind. Contact us today for more information on Steel Guard Safety and our Steel Scrim Vinyl curtains.

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