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Welding Strip Curtains & Plastic Weld Strips

Welding Strip Curtains with Orange Weld-View StripsBlock out harmful welding flash and welding arc while allowing safe passage to adjoining areas with PVC welding curtains.

Welding strip curtain doors allow quick passage to open areas or adjoining rooms while effectively keeping the welding space entirely contained. Our industrial PVC curtain systems will effectively protect both workers and property.

Plastic Strip Curtains Keep Welders Safe

Welding strip doors block painful weld flash between doorways, while welding strip curtains are suitable for mounting in confined welding cells. Our welding safety products are designed to simultaneously keep facilities protected from damage and prevent injury to welders or people in the facility who lack the proper safety gear.

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Custom Welding Strip Curtain with Orange and Bronze Strips and Upper Valance Panel Enclosing Large Welding OperationThe Safety & Protection of PVC Dividers in Work Zones

Our clear welding curtain strips are manufactured from the highest-grade PVC that is smooth, highly flexible, and has excellent protection from weld flash, while letting you still view the welding area. The PVC fabric we use has CFM and NFPA-701 flame retardant certifications, and it exceeds OSHA requirements. The material effectively protects against light radiation and UV as well. The high grade welding PVC strip curtains also prevent the problems of “curling” over time, making it long lasting in any application.

Along with protecting people and property from potential welding hazards, our welding curtain dividers and strip door products reduce the costs of protecting welding facilities. Many permanently installed safety walls cost more to implement and don’t allow for the same ease of manipulation that our products provide.

Plastic Weld Strips with Bronze Weld-View ColorStart Designing Your Welding Curtain Product

You can purchase plastic welding strip curtain kits online at Steel Guard Safety. They ship in 1-2 business days. If you need further assistance designing your welding curtain cells please contact our inside sales reps at 1-800-347-8368. We will work with you to design the product that best suits your facility, advising you about material and hardware selections. You can also Request a quote as well as technical specifications for any of our products.
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