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Industrial Blackout Curtains for Light Blocking


Using Industrial Blackout Curtains for Light Blocking

Industrial Blackout Curtains For Light Blocking

Many facilities need complete darkness while work is taking place. At the same time, facilities may not require permanent structures to keep light out, and may only require a small sealed-off work area for a short amount of time. The versatility of industrial blackout curtains gives employees the ability to block out natural and artificial light in many types of locations any time they need a dark environment.

There are many reasons why facilities may need a workspace to be pitch dark. Some facilities may need them to prevent exposure to sunlight or lamps for light-sensitive materials, or keep bright welding sparks from burning or damaging the eyes of nearby workers without proper protection.

Facility managers can use them for many purposes across many different industries.

Use Industrial Blackout Curtains for a Wide Variety of Applications

There are several locations that can benefit from industrial blackout curtains. Use them in school and university labs, prisons, medical facilities, sleep study labs, airports, photograph development labs, Class 1 laser labs and other locations that require complete light blocking. They are made with 100% flame retardant blackout fabric, making them ideal for installation in even the most hazardous locations. Welding arc and other hazards won’t be able to penetrate the materials, keeping exposed workers beyond the workspace safe from harm.

Flame Retardant Blackout Fabric.

In addition to protecting employees and blocking out light, blackout curtains are effective in protecting employees from welding sparks and other workplace hazards. Many types of facilities also use track systems that are easy to use, which gives employees the ability to quickly move them in and out of the way and improves overall safety. Different hardware options are available to customize track systems, with various shapes and lengths available to suit the layout of the designated work area.

Steel Guard Safety Industrial Blackout Curtains

Iimprove Efficiency By Combining Blackout Curtains With Other Curtain Products

What sets Steel Guard Safety’s blackout curtains apart from the rest is their heavy-duty fabrication. Steel Guard Safety curtains are manufactured with strong nylon and grommets that further improve the product’s strength. They are completely customizable to meet the customer’s size and shape specifications, and are available with other industrial curtain products in our inventory. Choose from many options to meet your needs.

Depending on the type of facility, business owners can benefit from combining blackout curtains with other curtain products to improve efficiency, including cold storage curtains, welding barriers, auto body curtains, agricultural curtains, institutional curtains, and more. With the right combination of industrial curtains, screens or blankets from Steel Guard Safety, companies can experience a reduction in overall energy and construction expenses. Use them for temperature control, employee protection, and other purposes.

Our products are designed to last through years of heavy use, helping you avoid maintenance and replacement costs.

If you would like more technical information and a free quote for industrial blackout curtains or other products we carry, contact us at any time for assistance. We will get you started in designing a custom blackout curtain solution that’s best suited to your facility.

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