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Modular Curtains Save Warehouses Time and Money

Moving curtain systems in a warehouse is a benefit for companies that lease warehouse space, need a timely solution, or are trying to save the expense of remodeling. Warehouses in every industry can benefit from the ease and cost effectiveness of installing modular curtains.

What Are the Other Options?

Healthcare-Curtains-Keep-Safe-1If a company needs climate control, machinery protection, or sectioned off spaces and they aren’t readily available in a warehouse setting, there aren’t too many choices. They can either relocate, renovate, or install modular curtains.

The modular curtain industry is ideal for fast fixes that prevent downtime in company workflows where time is of the essence. The system can be bought, ordered, delivered and installed in less than half the time it would take to implement any of the alternative solutions.

How Do They Save Money?

Ic-1B-Industrial-Cutain1The systems are available for every industrial setting, from healthcare and photography to automotive and agriculture warehouses and other facilities. Even the arts and entertainment industry uses modular curtains to setup staging without being a distraction for performances.

The curtain systems come in a variety of materials, making them safe for hospital institutional sectioning, creating blackout sites, or protecting warehouse workers from active machinery. By using these transportable systems, a company is making an investment in their product or service.

They are also saving money that is often wasted on:

  • Building permits
  • Cost of construction
  • Cost of developing workarounds
  • Cost of climate control equipment

Modular curtain installation avoids these expenses as usually the only thing a warehouse has to purchase is the system itself. Most curtains can be easily installed without guidance, and warehouses will be more flexible and better able to handle peak hours with the arrangement.

How Else Do Modular Curtains Save Time and Money?

Many industrial curtainsOc-2-Outdoor-Curtain-Resize1 are developed specifically to allow users to completely control the climate. Regulating humidity and temperature, keeping unwanted pests out, and restricting airflow are only some of the ways these curtains have been developed to cut energy costs.

The curtains can reduce energy costs by upwards of 30 percent or more. Modular curtains are available for installation at site entrances as well as within warehouses and provide greater insulation than traditional doors.

A Unique Solution for Your Business

Modular curtains can be custom built to suit your needs. If needed, they can be designed to fit into a larger format when an enterprise moves in the future or to transition between projects.

Modular industrial curtains are also an investment in the safety of your workers. Cordoning off machines with protective curtains, restricting access in hazardous work zones, and preventing contamination saves companies from potential future lawsuits.

Most industrial curtains are designed and tested to stand up to rigorous OSHA regulations for safety in the workplace. Compliance with these safety regulations is vital to operations to avoid workplace injuries and accidents while also preventing costly citations for work areas that are not up to code.

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