All Purpose Blue Poly Tarps 5 mil

Steel Guard’s Covers for Cancer light-duty blue poly tarp is made for as a temporary tarp that is excellent for covering equipment & refuse in commercial and residential use.

Economical, yet still strong this all purpose blue tarp is an economy reinforced 5 Mil tarp that still uses a high end, dense polyethylene, and a 10 x 10 weaved scrim that is heavier duty than other blue tarps for sale.  All of these light duty all purpose blue tarps, are coated on both sides with a solid, dense polyethylene. These tarps are also very resistant to water and tearing.

Blue Poly Tarps

5 mil Reinforced Blue Poly Tarps – By The Case

  • 5 Mil Thickness
  • 3 oz per Square Yard
  • Hems Reinforced with Rope
  • 100% Waterproof Material
  • Light to Medium Duty Poly Tarp
  • Economy Grade & Price
  • Many Sizes Available
  • 3 Ply Poly Material
  • Strong Denier Fibers
  • Durable heat welded seams
  • Provides shade protection
  • Reinforced Coated Polyethylene Weave
  • Acid & Rot Resistant Poly
  • UV Resistant
  • Blue – Both Sides
  • Grommets set every 36″ on All Sides
  • Arctic Temperature Resistant

This particular blue poly tarp is 5 Mil thick and 3 oz. per square yard. The tarp includes grommets set every 3 feet around the perimeter as well as reinforced hems with rope sewn inside. Other Applications for residential use include camping, roofing, or even temporary outdoor storage. These Economy tarps are cut size and finish shorter in both dimensions. This model of blue poly tarp is imported.

Steel Guard’s “Covers for Cancer” donates 7% of All Tarp & Cover Sales including Blue Poly Tarps to the University Of Chicago Cancer Research Center for Research on Orphan Cancers.

U.S. manufactured, iron-clad protected. Discover the unrivaled performance of our steel-scrim vinyl.