About Us

Steel Guard Safety Corp. is a privately owned company recently celebrating a corporate history of more than 100 years in industrial fabrics manufacturing. We have always been dedicated to providing top quality products for many different industries.


Company History

In 1913 a group of investors looked to create a need for a variety of fabric products for the regional economy including, tents, awnings, tarps, covers and even clothing for many different purposes. We set a standard for high quality from the start, making sure our products lasted for long periods of time with resistance to wear and tear.


Over the years the company’s focus has changed, ranging from clothing materials for denim jeans and coal worker uniforms to camping tents. Since its separate incorporation in 2005, Steel Guard Safety Corp. has been proudly focusing this division of the business for industrial safety and barrier protection. Our industrial safety fabric products have been used for a variety of applications, and while our specialty has changed over the years, our product quality has only continued to improve.


Providing Recreational & Industrial Fabric Products

Our industrial safety barriers and screens have been used for protecting facilities such as auto bodies, manufacturing plants, cold storage warehouses, agricultural facilities, and many other types of structures. Along with our curtain wall products, we’ve also offered a selection of accessories to further improve handling in specific applications.


Top Quality Manufacturing of Industrial Safety Products

Today, Steel Guard Safety Corp. focuses on industrial barrier products throughout the world, with our international distribution and sales. Our products consistently utilize the highest quality construction and craftsmanship, and each product is proudly manufactured right here in the U.S. Each product is constructed to meet individual project requirements based on customer specifications, ensuring that nearly any type of facility is properly protected with the right combination of plastic fabrics and other hardware options.


To learn more about our company or the industrial safety products we can manufacture for your facility, contact Steel Guard Safety today.



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