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High Temperature Curtains

Increase Productivity and Worker Safety in your Heavy Industrial Facility with Steel Guards Industrial Heat Resistant Curtains

Steel Guard Safety manufactures industrial high temperature curtains which are used to isolate high temp curing ovens, equipment, and processes. These high temperature curtains increase worker productivity by allowing ambient temperature at operational levels. Use them to increase safety by blocking sparks, and molten metal splash from heat sources up to 3,000 degrees. Another benefit of the Industrial High Temp Curtains are to stop radiant heat. Standard versions are manufactured with two or three layers of Silica Cloth, while Slica Cloth with an Aluminized Coating is used for a Radiant Heat Shield. For specific use in Constant Conveyor Ovens see our High Temperature Strip Curtain Product Page.

Industrial Heat Shield Curtain– Benefits

  • Keeps Workers Safe from Extreme Temperatures near Industrial Ovens and Furnaces.
  • Reduces the Risk of Industrial Accidents from Radiant Heat Burn and Molten Metal Splash.
  • Worker Productivity is Increased due to Lower Ambient Temperatures.
  • Production Space is Increased due to more Worker Friendly Temperature Zones

Industrial Heat Resistant Curtain – Features

  • Custom Made with Two or Three Layer System of Steel Guards White Spark Silica Cloth, or Option Two Silica Cloth with Aluminized Fiberglass Coating for Radiant Heat Protection.
  • Sewn with High Heat Teflon Coated Thread to withstand Temperatures up to 3000 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Track and Roller Systems can be added to Create Flexible Work Separation.
  • Grommets are placed on top with reinforcement, along with an optional chain bottom for stability against drafts.
  • High Temp Curtains are custom designed to any Size Furnace or Work Area Separation.

Steel Guard Safety’s Insulated Industrial High Heat Curtains are an excellent way to cover Coke Furnaces, Foundry Furnaces, or other Extreme Heat Production Areas. Contact one of our Experienced Sales Reps to evaluate and design a High Heat Barrier solution at 1-800-347-8368.

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