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10 Great Benefits Provided by Sound-blocking Panels

Sound-Blocking Panels
According to the Centers for Disease Control, 30 million U.S. workers are exposed occupationally to sustained, elevated levels of noise in the workplace that exceed recommended safety standards set by OSHA.

Since 1980, hearing loss caused by workplace noise is regularly listed as a major health concern in the U.S., forcing tens of thousands of people to seek hearing enhancement through hearing aids or surgery.

Hearing Loss in the Workplace is Preventable

Using state-of-the-art materials specifically developed for blocking sound waves, Steel Guard’s Sound Shield curtains provide superior protection from loud noise by combining fiberglass and Mass Loaded Vinyl.

MVL is a synthetic, flexible material infused with silica and barium salts that give it the same powerful, noise-blocking properties as lead sheeting. While lead is the ideal soundproofing material, it is stiff, heavy and awkward to implement.

Alternately, MLV is a lighter, pliable reflective sound barrier that impedes noise instead of just absorbing it, like lesser, non-MVL sound curtains do.
Mlv Is A Reflective Sound Barrier That Impedes Noise

10 Additional Benefits of Steel Guard’s Sound Shield Panels

1. The CDC reports that loud noise is psychologically stressful, reduces productivity and interferes with the ability for workers to communicate. All three contribute significantly to workplace accidents, friction among employees and absenteeism due to stress-related illnesses.

2. OSHA has established legal limits regarding workplace noise exposure that are based on an employee’s time-weighted average during an eight-hour shift. Factories found to be noncompliant are subject to hefty fines or possible interruption of operations (for more information, visit

3. Steel Guard’s Sound Shield Panels can be implemented as full partitions, partial enclosures or even fashioned into “mini-rooms” that totally enclose a loud machine. A great choice for times when facility managers need flexibility, easy installation, minimal maintenance, and quick noise reduction, Sound Shield Panels will effectively reduce excessive noise in all commercial, industrial or institutional environments.

4. Sound reduction panels can reduce the need for employees to wear hearing protection. Since providing OSHA-compliant hearing protection to hundreds of workers can be expensive and many workers resist wearing them, managers relying on noise-reducing curtains help decrease overhead costs and protect employees from suffering hearing impairment.

5. Demarcating loud noise areas with Steel Guard Sound Shield Panels increases safety rates by allowing employees to hear warning/fire alarms as well as the yells of other employees who may need help.

6. Sound Shield Panels may reduce the number of expensive and lengthy hearing loss litigations brought against machine shops and industrial plants. Thousands of workers who have suffered extensive hearing loss as a result of exposure to extremely loud noise have sued and won their cases.
Noise Curtain

7. When surrounding machinery, Sound Shield Panels not only block noise but may also prevent chemical splashes/fumes from injuring employees

8. Sound-blocking panels are easy to clean, durable and resistant to chemically induced deterioration.

9. Noise reduction panels can enhance the appearance of a facility by concealing older machines and defining clean, uncluttered areas.

10. Surrounding machinery with sound-blocking panels can help deter non-qualified employees from “tinkering” with machinery, harming themselves or damaging the machine.

Learn more about Steel Guard’s sound-blocking curtains and how they can benefit the operation of your business, contact Steel Guard today.


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