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Industrial Blackout Curtains

  • Industrial Blackout Curtains
  • Industrial Blackout Curtains
  • Industrial Blackout Curtains
  • Industrial Blackout Curtains
  • Industrial Blackout Curtains
  • Industrial Blackout Curtains

The Perfect Way to Stop Light Penetration In Your Light Labs, Security Rooms, Industrial, Hospitals, or Wherever Light Must Be Blocked Out.

Steel Guard Safety’s Blackout Curtains completely block 100% of light from either outdoor or indoor sources from getting through.  These Heavy Duty Industrial Blackout Curtains are completely opaque to block out sunlight, light lasers, welding flash, and more.

Steel Guard’s commercial grade blackout curtains can be designed in almost any configuration with our roller track system, which allows them to move in and out of use with ease. Fabric Options include our Blackout Satin or Opaque 18 oz Vinyl for Industrial Environments. The Curtains are mounting on our Track and Roller System and include Valance Panels when needed for a complete seal. Wherever bright light is a major problem, blackout curtains block it in

• School and university labs
• Prisons and corrections
• Medical clinics, hospitals and health care
• Photography and photo studios
• Sleep study and testing labs
• Airport security Security rooms
• Laboratories
• Industrial plants
• Wherever light needs to be blocked out


Additional Information:

The difference in Steel Guard’s blackout curtains is our heavy-duty manufacturing process. Steel Guard light blocking curtain walls are:

• Manufactured with heavy-duty nylon thread & reinforced nylon webbing in 2” hems.
• #2 grommets are punched on top for superior strength.
• A variety of track systems are available from light-duty to our industrial grade heavy-duty. (See Track Systems)
• Customizable to your Exact, Size, Shape and Layout.
• Made in the USA.
• 100% blackout fabric
• NFPA-701 approved for flame resistance

Request a quote or call 1-800-347-8368 to be connected to our customer service staff, who will discuss your blackout application and specific space requirements. We will help you design a blackout curtain wall system that best suits your facility.

Blackout Curtains

Standard & Optional Features

Nylon Roller Hooks for Track

2-Wheel Nylon Roller Hooks

Make sliding and folding of the blackout curtain a cinch. 2-wheel steel roller hooks are available for tall curtain systems.

#2 Brass Toothed Grommets

#2 Toothed Brass Grommets

#2 Brass Toothed Grommets are spaced every 12 in. on center of the curtains to hang securely on the roller hooks.

16 Gauge Steel Roller Track

Galvanized Steel Roller Track

Heavy-Duty 16 gage roller track system which modularly connects track lengths to your desired length and shape. (Dim – O.D. – H-1.25″ x W-1.44″)

Mounting Hardware for Track

Track Mounting Hardware

5 Different Mounting Options Available. Including a Universal Mount to use in place for Beam to Chain, Threaded Rod, and Wall Mount. (See Mounting & Hardware)

2 inch velcro side attachments make it easy to seal curtains together.

Velcro Attachments

2 in. Velcro side attachments easily seal and attach both sides of curtains to multiple curtains. Available in standard 2ft x 1ft swatches, full length, or custom.

Chain Weighted Hem

Chain Weighted Hem

Heavy-Duty 3/16 in Thick Galvanized Chain inserted into the  bottom pocket to stabilize the curtain against wind & drafts.

Floor Sweep

Vinyl Floor Sweep (Add-On)

Vinyl Floor Sweep – Sewn-on or Velcro Option – Seals bottom 1″ gap to seal off dust, dirt, & contaminants.

Part# CA 300 – Sewn On                      Part# CA 299 – Velcro

Adhesive Velcro 2 inch

Adhesive Velcro (Add-On)

2 inch Adhesive Velcro – Attaches any curtain to a brick, metal, concrete, or wood wall or door opening.

Part# CA 677 – 2″ PSA Loop     Part# CA 694 – 2″ PSA Hook

Valance Panels (Add-On)

Upper Stationary Curtain Panels – Custom made to Ceiling Design -Ideal when the top half of an area does not need to be opened and Light Needs to be Blocked.

Part# CA 655

Blackout Satin - 9 oz

Excellent for Commercial Applications, provides a clean fabric looks. Made from a 3-Layer Polyester Material, with a special Coating to meet NPFA-701 Standards. This material also has virtual no reflective qualities on either side.

Black ( Both Sides)

18 oz Coated Vinyl

18 oz per sq/yd Coated Vinyl provides excellent Tear, Tensile and abrasion resistance. Excellent for Industrial Environments and tougher than Satin Material. Meets Flame Resistant Standards, CFM, NFPA-701 & ASTM E-84. Provides small amount of reflection.  For More Information on Tech Specs, See 18 oz FR Coated Vinyl Technical Specifications





Track System is mounted in from beams or trusses with a C-Clamp, and using a 3/8″ Threaded Rod to suspend down to the desired height. The Threaded Rod Track Mounts then slide over the threaded rod. Mount Spacing can be from 4′ -8′ with taller heavier systems over 25′ being 6′ or less usually

Track Splice
TH C600

Right Angle
TH C502

3-Way T
TH C503

90 D Curve
TH C601

Threaded Rod Adapter
TH C604 Use w/ 500s

Universal Splice
TH C900 - Sub for Threaded Rod, Beam to Chain, & Wall


Track System is mounted in from beams or trusses with a C-Clamp, and using an S-Hook suspended down with chain to the desired height. The Track Mounts then connect the system with more S-hooks. Aircraft Cable is another option to use instead of chain. Mount Spacing can be from 4′ -8′ with taller heavier systems over 25′ being 6′ or less usually

Track Splice
TH C500

Right Angle
TH C501

3-Way T
TH C503

90 D Curve
TH C501


Ceiling Mount Hardware is attached with lag bolts directly flush to ceiling, floor joists or to steel beams.


For the Wall Mount installation method, track mounts are attached to walls above openings, or you can use wall end brackets to brace or stabilize the track.

Track Splice (Up)
TH C303

Track Splice (Down)
TH C302

Wall End (Up)
TH C301

Wall End (Down)
TH C300


The Floor Mount System which is Free Standing, uses base plates at intervals anywhere from 4′ – 10′ depending on the height of the curtain system. The base plates attach to posts which connect to the floor mount splices.

Track Splice
TH C800

Right Angle
TH C802

3-Way T
TH C803

90 S Curve
TH C801

Straight Tracks
6' - TH F06, 7' - TH F07
8' - TH F08, 9' - TH F09
10' - TH F10, 12' - TH F12

Floor Base
TH C804


Straight Tracks, Plain Connectors, Universal Mounts, End Stops, as Well as Pulleys to Customize Your Track Curtain System.

2-Wheel Nylon Roller Hook
TH R101

Roller End Stop
TH R100

Plain Track Splice
TH C700

Straight Tracks
4' - TH T04
5' - TH T05
6' - TH T06
7' - TH T07
8' - TH T08
10' - TH T10
12' - TH T12

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