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How to Avoid Chemical Splash Dangers with Chemical Safety Curtains

Certain work areas that contain large amounts of chemicals require heavy-duty protection to keep property and workers safe from chemical splashes.

Many corrosive chemicals can cause harm to employees and cause costly damage to equipment when exposed, which is why Steel Guard Safety offers durable high-density chemical safety curtains for sufficient protection.

Chemical Resistant Safety Curtains

Keep Employees Safe with Chemical Resistant Safety Curtains

Employees working in areas with dangerous chemicals often wear protective gear to keep them safe from acids and other chemicals that pose health risks. Oftentimes these areas are located within a larger facility where other unprotected workers are located.

Exposed workers are vulnerable to chemical spills and potentially harmful fumes that certain chemicals release, making it important to avoid those risks with additional protective measures.

Many chemicals can cause serious damage to the skin and eyes, while certain gaseous chemicals can also damage lung tissue. Chemical safety curtains can sufficiently contain these types of chemicals in a separate closed area within larger spaces.

Some of the specific chemicals that can pose particular danger to workers when splashed include:

  • Hydrochloric acid
  • Sodium Chloride
  • Sulfuric acid
  • Sodium Hydroxide

There are also many other potentially harmful chemical compounds that can pose a serious health risk to workers. Chemical splashes are easily avoided, however, through the use of chemical safety curtains.

Facilities can keep entire workspaces closed off while chemicals are in use, allowing unprotected workers to safely navigate around the area in the meantime.

Protect Equipment from Chemical Splash Damage

Chemical safety curtains can also keep equipment safe from acid or other chemical damage. Certain machinery and other pieces of equipment in a facility might be exposed to corrosive chemicals, including pipes, electrical components and factory machines.

Damage to this equipment can result in costly repairs and even potential downtime in certain facilities.

To keep this equipment safe from splashes companies can use chemical safety curtains that effectively cover all vulnerable equipment while chemicals are in use.

Steel Guard Safety’s protective chemical resistant curtains are intended for installation in power plants, hospitals, chemical production facilities, labs, schools and many other locations where dangerous chemicals are present.

Heavy-Duty Construction for Tough Chemical Resistance

Chemical Safety Curtains
Steel Guard Safety’s chemical safety curtains are manufactured using 20 mil to 40 mil PVC, or 18 oz coated PVC for applications requiring higher densities.

Business owners can also order customized chemical curtains using materials that are specifically designed to resist specific chemicals.

All chemical resistant curtains are easily installed when required and removed when no longer needed, making them ideal for locations requiring more temporary protection from chemicals.

Having these curtains installed in a facility also costs much less than constructing permanent chemical resistant solutions.

If you would like to receive a quote for a chemical safety curtain from Steel Guard Safety, you can call us Monday through Friday to speak with a representative, or contact us online at any time to request a free quote with detailed pricing information.

We can help determine which materials and size specifications are right for your specific chemical resistance application.

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