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Fire Hose Covers

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Fire Hose Covers

Invest in top-notch fire hose rack and reel covers to safeguard the durability and effectiveness of your fire hose. These covers offer a two-fold advantage: shielding your fire hose, nozzle (ASTM F1546), rack, or reel from deteriorating UV rays and serving as a visible indicator to emergency personnel and first responders, guiding them to the fire hose and water source.

Vinyl Fire Hose Rack Covers Made to Spec

Our fire hose covers are crafted from durable vinyl or vinyl-coated nylon, offering excellent water repellence and chemical resistance. They provide reliable protection against UV damage and physical wear. With open bottoms or backs, these covers are designed for easy removal, optimal airflow to prevent mold and mildew, and a perfect fit on your specific rack or reel style. The Velcro-style closures make deployment and removal a breeze.

Fire Hose Reel Covers Announce Location

In addition to their durability and reliability, our fire hose reel covers are clearly marked with a notice indicating the presence of a fire hose and a warning to keep clear for safety purposes. They are also brightly colored, making them easily identifiable in case of a fire.

To ensure the proper maintenance and protection of your fire hose and nozzle, cover your hose reel with a cover that fits properly and stands out during emergencies. Our hose reel covers are made of water-resistant fabric in eye-catching red, meeting code requirements and extending the lifespan of your equipment.

Investigate your Hose Reel Rack type and Nozzle

Protect your hose with a durable hose sleeve! Simply slip or wrap it over the length of your hose to prevent damage. Don’t forget to check if your fire hose rack is a swing type or stationary, as well as if you have a suitable reel cover.

Invest in high-quality fire hose rack and reel covers today to ensure the safety and functionality of your firefighting equipment. Discover more about fire hose covers and how to properly cover your hose reel for optimal maintenance. Trust our reliable covers that are clearly marked for maximum protection and visibility in critical situations.


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