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Benefits of Installing Sound Absorbing Curtains

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Industrial noise is capable of causing hearing loss at 85 decibels or above. High noise levels can also lead to injuries, damage to valuable equipment, and reduced productivity because of lost concentration. Installing soundproof walls may seem like the right solution, but for applications with changing levels of noise and varying workspace requirements, sound absorbing curtains are a more suitable and inexpensive alternative.

Why Choose Soundproof Curtain Walls vs. Permanent Wall Construction

Permanent sound blocking walls can give your facility plenty of noise reduction, but the main downside to permanent walls is their lack of versatility. Certain spaces may only require noise reduction during specific times of the day, or during particular projects. For these types of applications, facilities are better off utilizing flexible soundproof curtains.

Sound blocking curtain walls offer the same level of noise reduction as permanent options, absorbing and blocking noise from sources such as large machinery, blowers, compressors, and HVAC equipment. Workers without the proper protection can still walk through facilities where work is taking place with soundproof curtains installed.

Workers Using Sound Absorbing Curtains

High-Quality Materials

Sound absorbing curtains are constructed with multiple layers of fiberglass and vinyl to effectively prevent sound from passing through. Certain models are available with work-view windows that are made of similar soundproof PVC materials that allow for visibility in work areas from the outside. The materials, while thick, are easy to move in and out of the way depending on the need for them. Employees can simply move them out of the way on roller track systems when opening work areas, and move them in place when required.

Choosing Steel Guard Safety Sound Blocking Curtains

The main benefit of selecting sound absorbing curtains from Steel Guard Safety is the customizability of them based on the specific application. Our heavy-duty soundproof curtain walls are made with five layers of fiberglass and vinyl, with a waterproof and chemical-resistant surface that makes them useful in a wide variety of hazardous work areas. They are resistant to rot and other types of wear as well, lasting through periods of heavy use.

We have a selection of track systems to choose from to meet space requirements, and many shapes and lengths of curtain walls are available depending on the overall size of the work areas. You can create individual work cells with systems of curtain walls, or close off larger areas with a single curtain wall installation.

Using A Saw Behind Sound Blocking Curtains
If you would like more information about our sound reducing curtains, contact Steel Guard Safety for technical specs and a free quote. You can also choose from other industrial safety curtain products that we offer, including curtains for warehouse temperature control, welding safety, light blocking, and many other industrial applications. We’ll help you design the perfect curtain wall system for your facility and assist with installation, providing you with an effective curtain system that gives your equipment and staff the protection they need.

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