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Blackout Curtain Solutions for Business

Blackout Curtain

A blackout curtain is a great solution to block sunlight and interior lighting from sensitive work areas.

The blackout curtains provided by Steel Guard have uses in multiple industries, including laser labs, school labs, prisons, medical clinics, photography dark rooms, sleep study labs, and airport security.

Blackout industrial curtains keep dust and light out of a workspace for optimal performance no matter what your need.

Available on roller tracks, these industrial curtains can be pushed away when not in use and pulled out again for those times when blocking out light is essential.

It’s a much more efficient solution than creating a dark room that requires blacking out windows and using customized doors.

Blackout Curtain Features

The curtains are manufactured with American materials and hardware and feature:

  • Heavy-duty nylon thread and webbing.
  • Brass or nickel grommets that remain strong for years.
  • Track systems to fit a variety of needs and uses.
  • Customizable size, shapes and layouts.
  • 100% blackout fabric that is NFPA-701 approved for flame resistance.

Consider adding a blackout curtain in addition to your Steel Guard vinyl strip door curtains and accordion PVC strip curtains to create a safe environment for your enterprise that meets your needs in a customized solution. Blackout curtains are useful for:

  • Medical studies. For sleep and other studies, it’s necessary to eliminate outside light and to mimic nighttime or confuse the brain about the time of day.
  • Medical equipment use. Some tests and equipment require total darkness to provide accurate readings. Install a moveable blackout curtain to eliminate light as needed for these medical equipment uses.
  • Photo lab use. A dark room is necessary to develop traditional photographs. If you don’t have a dedicated dark room, being able to convert a space into a dark room can make a room multi-functional and eliminate the need of having to create a dark room that only serves one purpose.
  • Hotels near airports and other places that are brightly lit around the clock can benefit from the investment in industrial grade blackout curtains.
  • People who work the night shift. Anyone who works an irregular work shift can benefit from the light erasing properties of a blackout curtain. If your company provides a resting place for employees to cat nap or rest after a long shift, implementing blackout curtains provides a way for them to fall asleep faster and rest more peacefully.
  • Airport security. Airport security uses blackout curtains to help with their security evaluations. The X-ray equipment that they use needs total darkness to work, and industrial grade material stands up to the everyday wear of the airport better than traditional fabrics.


Customize Your Curtain


For more information about how a blackout curtain or other industrial curtain solution can benefit your business, contact Steel Guard today. It’s the perfect way to stop light from entering a workspace anywhere you need it

We only use top quality materials, and have more than 100 years in the industrial fabric manufacturing industry. If you have a problem with light, we can provide you with a 100 percent light-blocking solution.


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