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Industrial Curtains | Vinyl Curtain Wall Dividers

Industrial Curtain Walls Create Work Zones, Block Sound, & Industrial Hazards While Improving Worker Efficiency.

Divide your production areas, control temperature, and create more usable space without the high cost of permanent walls. Steel Guard’s large industrial curtains and accessories effectively solve common space separation problems in manufacturing, warehouses and collision repair facilities. All Industrial Curtains are certified Flame Retardant for NFPA-701 and ASTM-E84. Industrial divider curtains help eliminate many hazards in your work and provide the following benefits:

  • Costs as little as 10% of the cost of permanent brick and mortar wall projects, reducing your overhead.
  • Protection against most chemicals, fumes, dust, paint over spray, and airborne particles
  • Control how much area is heated or cooled in zones with our adjustable sliding track system
  • Block unwanted access to dangerous machinery or production areas.
  • Partition work zones, to create a leaner, more efficient production area.
  • Create privacy rooms to block out noise from machinery, or create new work areas.


Industrial Curtain Divider Applications

  • Manufacturing & Industrial Plants
  • Dust Containment & Control
  • Noise Control & Containment
  • Fume Containment
  • Chemical Splash Barriers
  • Storage Facilities & Garages
  • Grinding & Cutting Work Cells
  • Medical & Pharmaceutical Curtain Barriers
  • Warehouse Separation
  • Temperature Control
  • Wood Working
  • Cleanroom Partitions
  • Food Contamination & Separation
  • Wash Down & Cleaning Areas
  • Loading Dock Containment
  • Aviation Paint Booths & Storage
  • Anywhere Space Division & Protection

plastic industrial curtain divider for workspaces

Industrial Curtain Walls

Industrial Vinyl Partitions are the Most Versatile Way to Divide Work Space for Manufacturing, Cutting, Grinding, Fumes, and More. Many Materials and Options Like Strip Curtains, Straps, Buckles, & More.

Clear Vinyl Curtains

Custom Made Clear Vinyl Curtains Walls are Designed for Clean Rooms, Dust Control, & Other Space Separation Needs, When Visibility and Light Needs to Penetrate Through Out the Work Area.

Welding Curtain Walls

The Industrial Welding Curtains made for Creating Weld Cells, as Well as Block Cutting, & Grinding. The Weld-View PVC Window is Transparent, Yet Blocks All Dangerous UV Weld Flash.

Industrial Sound Curtains

Noise Control Curtains, Help Block and Absorb High Decibel Noise from Industrial Machinery, like Presses, Grinders, Compressors, and More. Custom Designed to Fit Your Plants Needs.

Industrial Roll Up Curtains

A Roll Up and Down Industrial Curtain System Designed for Space Separation. Used When a Curtain System Needs to Be Moved Overhead and Out of the Way.

Outdoor Industrial Curtains

An Extreme Heavy Duty Curtain System Designed to Stand up to the Rigors of High Winds, Rain, and In-climate Weather. Many to Enclose Open Warehouse Space, Or Even Outdoor Pavilions.

Loading Dock Curtains

Loading Dock Curtains Keep In-climate Weather and Heat or Cold Out of Your Dock Area. Designed to Create a Complete Enclosed Dock Space. Custom Designed Systems

Chemical Splash Curtains

Clear Transparent PVC Curtains Designed to Barrier Off Dangerous Chemicals in Manufacturing Processes, and the Occurrence of Overspray. Custom Designed.

Industrial Blackout Curtains

An Industrial Light-Blocking Curtain also Known as Blackout Curtains Block 100% of Light From Escaping. For Use In Labs, Laser Cutting, and Any Where Light Needs to be Contained.

Anti-Static ESD Curtains

Anti Static Curtains or ESD Curtains, are Used in Areas Where Static Electrical Charges Can Cause Injury to Workers, or Damage to Sensitive Electric Components or Machinery.

Food Grade Wash Down Curtains

Designed to Contain Wash Down Areas During the Cycles of Food Production Equipment Cleaning. USDA Certified PVC is Used, as Well as All Stainless Steel Track & Hardware.

Insulated Warehouse Curtains

Designed to Contain Temperatures and Create Temperature Zoned Areas. Most Common in Freezer & Refrigeration Areas, as Well as Any Extreme Temperature Separation in Plants.

PVC Strip Curtains

Plastic PVC Strips Designed for Quick Access Between Rooms from People or Forklift Traffic. They Can Cover Inside or Outside of Buildings and Block off Entire Walls.

Woodworking Curtains

Wood Working Vinyl Curtains or Wood Shop Curtains are made to Contain Dust from Equipment like Saws, Grinders, Lathes, and More. Several Material Options Available.
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