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7 Reasons to Install a Curtain Wall

Installing A Customized Solution Curtain Wall

Manufacturers, warehouses, distribution centers, healthcare centers, and prisons are just a few of the types of companies that benefit from installing a customized solution curtain wall.

Many industries have a need for environmental, climate, or safety separation and control that can be easily remedied with a Steel Guard industrial curtain wall.

With several options for custom solutions and materials, a curtain wall solution is impermanent, making it a viable alternative in spaces that cannot be remodeled.

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7 Ways Curtain Walls Improve Your Space

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Here are some reasons to consider installing a customized curtain wall from Steel Guard:

  1. You have to work in a limited space. If you can’t change the layout of the building for equipment use, climate control, or hazard mitigation, a curtain wall can safely screen off an area protecting your workers and environment.
  1. Fold-A-Way Insulated CurtainsYou have a noise problem from machinery. Loud noises can be distracting and damaging to other workers at a workplace, so using a sound shield curtain is a good way to minimize noise damage to workers’ ears. Install a sound shield to reduce the likelihood of workplace accidents and improve productivity. Large machinery, compressors and HVAC equipment are a few examples of noisy machinery that can benefit from noise reduction.
  1. You have an energy control problem. Whether you need to keep a certain area of your building cooler or keep it insulated from another space, warehouse curtain dividers can help you save money by keeping the temperature adjusted for your ideal working conditions. Consider fold-a-way insulated curtains and exterior curtain solutions for those areas that need to be controlled but still accessible.
  1. You need to minimize the risk of contamination. If you are working on quality control, having an open air environment increases the risk of airborne dust and germs getting into your product or machinery. Whether you work in a hospital setting or a food processing warehouse, being able to restrict the airflow around certain areas can keep your environment safe for workers, food products and medicines.
  1. You need to control a hazardous byproduct. Welding equipment can throw off light, dust and heat that can irritate other workers and cause physical injury. Keep your welding areas safe by investing in a PVC welding strip curtain or screen to prevent injury to any bystanders.
  1. You need to contain paint splatter. When working on cars in a body shop, provide flexible work environments that keep paint and sanding dust contained. Use an auto body curtain with transparent viewing windows to keep an eye on work while controlling the environment for easier clean up. Plastic curtains and plastic curtain walls are great choices for auto body work.
  1. You have livestock to consider. Sometimes it’s not as much about keeping things in as it is keeping environmental factors out. If you need to transition livestock during the dead of winter or the burning heat of summer, having a flexible agri-shield curtain can help you care for your animals.

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Steel Guard Solutions

There are a number of applications that a customized flexible wall curtain solution can be used for. Contact Steel Guard today for more information about product solutions that will work for your unique situation.

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