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Why You Need Flame-Resistant PVC Strip Door Curtains


When facilities need protection from high levels of heat, they know they can trust in PVC strip door curtains. Strip curtains are constructed from leading materials to withstand extreme levels of heat.

PVC curtain doors can also be beneficial to facilities by reducing contamination and temperature loss, as well as creating access for forklifts and other machinery.

Wondering how PVC strip doors could be advantageous to your facility? Consult with our explanation of their flame-resistant material composition.

PVC Strip Door Curtain Materials

Strip doors are often implemented as part of a safety plan for buildings with activities that emit high levels of heat. Because strip door curtains are constructed from leading high-strength PVC materials, they can withstand extreme temperatures and even flames.

Additionally, PVC strip door curtains have an accordion texture that prevents the material from curling.

Other Benefits of PVC Strip Door Curtains

In addition to providing resistance to high heats that could threaten facilities, PVC strip door curtains also provide many other benefits, including:

  • Reduced Contamination—Manufacturing plants or warehouses produce dust and other particles. Some departments, like spray-painting, could be compromised if these impurities enter into the area. PVC strip door curtains can prevent pollutants from escaping their designated sections.
  • Sectioned-Off Areas for Departments—Warehouse facilities often have multiple departments, such as production, packaging and even clerical, throughout the building. To keep these areas separated from one another—and to maintain productivity levels—facilities can utilize PVC strip door curtain walls. These walls will create the needed sections.
  • Easy Access—When employees need to access a specific section of a building quickly and often, permanent doors may not be the most ideal option. PVC strip doors, however, can be. These curtain walls allow machinery or people to access areas easily and quickly, yet they are still highly protective and provide comparable protection to permanent doors or walls.
  • Reduces Temperature Loss—As employees are pushing or driving equipment in and out of the area, they let out air. Facility owners will need doors that contain the set temperature if the areas near the entrances or exits need to be heated or cooled more than others. In fact, PVC strip curtains can prevent up to 30 percent of energy loss that traditional doors could not.
  • Versatility—PVC strip curtains provide all the aforementioned benefits to a variety of areas throughout facilities, including refrigerators, freezers, forklift entries and dock doors. PVC curtain walls can also be used for refrigerated trucks to keep the cooled section the appropriate temperature even during loading and unloading.
  • Less Permanence—Permanent doors and walls can be incredibly difficult to remove. Industrial curtains, however, are not. If at some point in time facility owners want to rearrange their curtain walls in a different layout or even remove them all together, they can do so with ease and without complications.

Want to learn more about how flame-resistant PVC strip door curtains can benefit your facility? Contact the SteelGuard team today. Our specialists can also assist you in finding the best curtain walls for your space.


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