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Industrial Blackout Curtains and Their Applications in Different Settings

Industrial Blackout Curtains uses in Commercial Settings

Industrial blackout curtains are specifically designed to block both natural and artificial light in industrial settings. As the name suggests, the purpose of these curtains is to create a dark environment in a single workspace (or multiple workspaces) by keeping light from entering the surroundings.

Industrial blackout curtains are manufactured according to the safety standards for fire resistance and light blockage. The fabric and material used in these curtains make them fire-resistant. These curtains are manufactured using different fabric options including vinyl, opaque, and blackout satin. They are manufactured in a way that light is unable to pass through the seams – thus, completely blocking light.

Commercial Applications Blackout Curtains Chart

Commercial Applications of Blackout Curtains

Light entering a workspace can be a concerning issue in different professional settings. It might even hinder a business’ productivity. Therefore, it’s important to know if your business should require blocking out light. Industrial blackout curtains can be used in the following areas of business:

Manufacturing plants and warehouses

Blackout Curtain In Gym

Specific products including electronics, chemicals, textiles, and pharmaceuticals require the use of light-sensitive materials in their manufacturing processes. Excessive exposure to light can negatively affect the quality of such materials. Certain fabrics are also prone to discoloration if they are exposed to sunlight. Blackout curtains help protect such materials.

Sunlight entering warehouses can hinder the ability of workers to view hazards, signage, and pathways while carrying out assigned tasks. Besides causing glare, it can lead to workplace accidents. Installing blackout curtains can eliminate this issue.

Cold storage facilities

UV rays emitted from sunlight can harm products preserved in cold storage. Therefore, cold storage operators use blackout curtains to extend the shelf life of dairy, fruits, and vegetables to achieve food safety. Some pharmaceutical products are also kept in cold storage. To prevent them from degradation, blackout curtains block the level of light penetrating cold storage premises.

Cold storage facilities must also meet specific temperature requirements. If sealed properly, blackout curtains ensure that cold air doesn’t pass through them. It means that the refrigerators have less electricity load. Thus, the retention of cold air within a certain storage unit helps businesses achieve energy savings.


Security screening is one of the most common yet crucial airport operations. However, trained personnel have to maintain passengers’ confidentiality, which is a common problem. That’s when blackout curtains play a significant role. They are installed in security rooms to provide maximum privacy to passengers while they are going through the security screening procedure.

Baggage handlers constantly need to stare at their computer screens while recording and processing passengers’ sensitive data. Too much sunlight can disrupt their screen-viewing ability. Blackout curtains can facilitate them in carrying out smoother operations.

Hospitals and other healthcare organizations

Pathogens being spread from infectious diseases is a concern in every hospital setting. That’s why it’s a common practice for hospital management to take health and safety precautions. The thick material of blackout curtains is used as a shield to protect patients and staff from bacteria.

Patients undergoing specific medical treatments in ICUs and wards often require an adequate level of sleep to ease recovery. Only a dark atmosphere can help them fall asleep. If partitioned properly, blackout curtains are an ideal solution to darken their surroundings. A calmer atmosphere also contributes to reducing their anxiety and stress during their hospital stay.

Welding environments

Cadmium, mercury, carbon monoxide, and other chemical agents produced by welding sparks can cause burns, eye damage, lung disease, and various other workplace injuries, according to OSHA Office of Training and Education. Besides, construction sites having large workspaces (without partitions) are prone to catching fire during welding operations.

Since blackout curtains are made with flame-retardant fabric, they are safe to use even in hazardous workspaces. These curtains block the spread of sparks, fumes, and metal spatter – thereby preventing health issues, injuries, and fires in places where welding activities are carried out.

Welding also causes constant noise in workspaces. It might even cause distraction among workers who are carrying out other activities. Blackout curtains help reduce noise while creating a comfortable and safer working environment for others.


Blackout Curtain In Lab 1

Unwanted light can interfere with sample preservation in laboratories. It can also lead to inaccurate lab test results. Blackout curtains act as a savior by getting rid of external light. Besides, it also keeps dust away from lab samples. This reduces the chances of getting any contamination especially in lab sections where sensitive tests are being carried out.

Blackout curtains also provide laser safety in laboratories where personnel routinely perform laser experiments. These curtains limit the exposure of laser beams so that they are unable to pass through a specific area.

Corporate settings

Prolonged exposure to sunlight can fade or even deteriorate office furniture and equipment. Blackout curtains protect office settings by limiting ambient light from entering the indoor premises. This helps businesses in reducing extra costs that could be incurred in maintaining office furniture or completely buying new ones.

When the reflection of external light hits projector screens, it can affect the visibility of such screens. This might lead to poor-quality presentations and video calls – thus, affecting the overall productivity of any business. Installing blackout curtains in board rooms and conference rooms helps tackle this issue.  These curtains do not allow the reflection of sunlight to interfere with screen visibility.

Educational institutes

Heavy Duty Blackout curtains provide high functionality in schools, colleges, and universities. Lecture slides presented in classrooms should be visible to every student. That’s when blackout curtains do their job. They control outside light as well as noise so the students can concentrate on every lecture without any distractions. Blackout curtains also help reduce unwanted light in auditoriums, science laboratories, and libraries.

External members belonging to educational organizations might frequently visit various universities. They often share their knowledge with students as guest speakers. To provide them with the best experience, institutional administration provides an undistracted educational environment to them. Blackout curtains help minimize excessive light so they can effectively focus on their guest-speaker sessions and educational workshops.

The Takeaway

Blackout curtains enhance the professional appearance of workspaces or any other surroundings. However, these curtains are used for other commercial purposes as well.

If your business lies under one of the above-mentioned categories, it can be a wise decision to opt for industrial blackout curtains. Blocking excessive light can be a win-win solution for employers as well as employees. Easy installation is what makes these curtains ideal for industrial use. You can choose track systems that enable workers to easily slide these curtains.


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