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Barn Curtains S-4000 Vinyl Shield

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Agricultural Curtains S-4000

Our Vinyl Shield Barn Curtains are constructed to properly maintain desired temperatures and protect agricultural facilities from harsh weather such as extreme heat, humidity, snow and ice. The S-4000 is a Premium Barn Curtain made from 18.5 oz Coated Vinyl that will last for years. The Standard Roll Up Curtain is designed to fit our Roll Up Worm Drive System. Livestock, Hogs, Poultry and other Animals well being will benefit by maintaining proper temperature and releasing harmful noxious gases from the barn. The curtain materials and hardware used in these products are customizable to meet the specific needs of many types of agricultural operations. S-4000 Barn Curtain are Sold by the Linear Foot.

See Barn Curtain Roll Up Hardware & Accessories to Complete Your S-4000 Roll Up System

S-4000 Curtain Details

  • Materials: 18.5 oz Coated Vinyl with Weft Polyester Scrim & Extra UV Coating
  • Top Hem: 2 inch Hems with over 5 x Thick Webbing Reinforcement for Extreme Durability.
  • Grommets: Set Every 12″ On Center at the Top Hem of the Curtain
  • Bottom Pocket & Hem : Fits 1-3/8 inch Galvanized Steel Conduit. Pocket Hem is Reinforced with Webbing for over 5 x the Thickness.
  • Sides: Unfinished

Ships in 7 -12 Business Days

QTY = Number of Feet Wide You Want Each Curtain to Be

Additional Information:

Buy Agricultural Barn Curtains Directly Online and Add all your Needed Hardware and Accessories. For Custom Designs or more information call 1-800-347-8368 to reach one or our Sales Reps.. We can help you determine which curtain wall systems are ideal for your application and get started on your project today.

Roll Up Barn Curtain System

Roll Up Barn Curtain System

Standard Features & Options

Hand Crank Steel Guard 4197

Hand Crank

The Hand Crank Easily Moves the Barn Curtain with a “Flick of the Wrist” to Move the Curtain & Worm Drive System Up or Down the Track. Buy Hand Crank Here

Worm Drive System Steel Guard 4195

Worm Drive System

Worm Drive System with a 15:1 Gear Box Climbs Up and Down the 3/4″ Track Pipe. Available to Accommodate Curtains as Wide as 75′ on Each Side or 150′ Total Length. Buy Worm Drive System Here

Track Pipe and Mounts Steel Guard 4196

Track Pipe and Mounts

3/4″ Galvanized Steel Track Pipe is used with Wall Clamps to Mount to the Side of the Building. The Worm Drive System Moves Up and Down the Track. Buy Track Pipe & Mounts Here

Brass Grommets Steel Guard 3884

Brass Grommets

#2 Brass Grommets are Set on the Top Hem of the Barn Curtain. Usually Mounted with Lag Bolts and Washers. But a variety of Mounting is suitable.

5 x Reinforced Hems & Pockets Steel Guard 4213

5 x Reinforced Hems & Pockets

The Top Hem & Bottom Pocket are Manufactured with Reinforced Heavy Duty Webbing for 5 x the Thickness and Extra Durability. (The Top Hem is only Reinforced on 10′ and taller systems)

Roll Bar Steel Guard 4208

Roll Bar

A 1-3/8″ Galvanized Steel Roll Bars Attach to the Worm Drive Set to Roll the Curtain Up and Down. Available in 7′ Increments and Attachable for Unlimited Lengths. Buy Roll Bars Here

Rope Steel Guard 4198


Available 3/16″ Polypropylene Rope is Available to Create a Wind Guard and to Secure the Curtain Stays in Place. Attache with Eye Bolts are any DIY System. Buy Rope Here

Eye Bolts Steel Guard 4199

Eye Bolts

Stainless Steel Eye Bolts Are Available to Mount Above and Below the Roll Up Curtain System in a staggered “Zig Zag” Pattern to Create a Wind and Curtain Stabilizer. Buy Eye Bolts Here

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