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Keeping Pests Out of Warehouses with Industrial Curtains

Keep Pests Out Of Warehouse

Many warehouses and distribution centers suffer from pest infestations, putting companies at risk of product contamination and failed health inspections. Warehouses often have multiple open entry points that make it easy for insects, rodents, and birds to enter and infest.

To prevent health hazards and damage to inventory, consider using industrial curtains to effectively keep pests out of the warehouse.

Avoiding Risks Associated with Pest Infestation

Common houseflies, fruit flies, moths, birds, rats, and mice are some of the many pests that can make their home in warehouses. They are particularly undesirable in facilities where food and perishables are stored, oftentimes carrying harmful bacteria that pose serious health risks.

Birds often search for food in distribution centers, capable of accessing food products at any shelving height and leaving without a trace. Rodents are also capable of chewing on products and equipment in warehouses such as wiring, potentially causing serious damage along with contamination.

If infestation is discovered in a facility, it can negatively affect businesses in several ways.

Infestations can harm the organization’s overall reputation and brand name, business relationships that encourage clean work environments, and employees’ confidence in the company.

Industrial Curtains Keep Out Pests
Preventing Infestations with Industrial Curtain Walls

Apart from chemical means of pest control, another effective solution is industrial curtains in docking areas. Flexible curtain walls can provide the same level of protection from pests as permanent wall construction, but they take less time to install and allow for additional ease of use.

Curtains are retractable and simply roll on ceiling track systems. Employees can easily move them out of the way when no longer needed. While in place, they can provide an airtight solution for not only pest control, but also for temperature control and other purposes.

Industrial curtains are made of a thick vinyl material that balances both flexibility and durability, making them ideal for containment in many different types of facilities. The materials don’t tear easily, and hold up in harsh weather conditions to keep docking areas protected from contamination at all times.

A Different Curtain Wall To Keep Out Pests

Choose from Many Curtain Design Options

Steel Guard Safety industrial curtain walls come with many customizable options. You can choose from different track systems, transparent or opaque materials, multiple colors, and other hardware options to meet your facility’s needs when it comes to pest control, temperature regulation, or other applications.

They can keep birds, bugs, and rodents outside of many types of areas, with indoor systems in addition to docking areas. Install industrial curtain products in cold storage areas and many others.

Along with industrial curtains for pest control, you can combine them with other Steel Guard Safety products such as welding curtains, pallet covers, impact doors, and more. For additional information about industrial curtain walls or other products in our inventory, contact us today.

We can also provide a free quote and get you started on designing the perfect curtain wall configuration for your facility.

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